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Harvey “Between the Dams” Trip

Trip Leader: Paul Ryan

When: 28th April 2012

Location: Harvey WA 6220

Participants:Troy Shortland, John Stampalija, Craig Perry, Neil Hewer, Piers Marmoy (with passengers, Joe, Jess and Ben), Michael Gilbert, Rick Lazar, Malcolm And Trish Harrison, Daniel (Billy) Hearn and Richard King - Tail End Charlie

Meet up at Pinjarra Bakery for 8:30. How nice to have a meeting point south of the river, means a little bit of a lie...
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Pipeline & Goldfields Trip

Trip Leader: Glenn Bignell

When: Easter 6th - 14th April

Location: Mundaring via Pipeline to Charlotte Hill, Kalgoorlie.

Kalgoorlie via Goldfields to Biliburning Rock and Perth

Participants: Malcolm and Trish Harrison, Lynn and John Byworth, Guy and Wendy Lehman, Ian and Robin Took (and Emma), Bob and Theresa Gigenjack, Pat O'Dowd and son Kyle, Yanna and Trevor Josephs, Jan and Roger Freegard and UK friends Pam and Knocker!

Golden Pipeline Trip Part A – The Pipeline

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