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Sand Plains – Yeal Nature Reserve

Trip Leader:   Judith Brinkley Co Trip Leader :  Bridget McPherson When:   Sunday 24th August, 2014 Location: Yeal Nature Reserve Participants: John & Ann Kelly, Gail & Kim Graeig & grandson, Kath, Jon & Jacob Standen, Sue & John Bromberger, Sue & Dave Morrison, Sue & Rick Irvine, Chris & Steve Pike, Libby,  Stewart & Marjorie Day with visitors Cec and Mark Hastings, Pat O'Dowd, Gary Izzard, Ian Tooke, Bridget & Bob McPherson, Judith & Bruce Brinkley
All arrived by 9am at Gingers Roadhouse and we left by 9:15.
Coffees, loos, general greeting chit chat and...
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Playtime in the Wungong / Byford Regional Park.

Trip Leader:    Pat O'Dowd

When:             Sunday 10th August 2014

Location:       Wungong Regional Park

Participants:   Brett Anderson, Stuart & Marjorie Day, Steven Delides & Candice Kocken,  Kim Graieg, Garry Izzard, John & Ann Kelly, Richard King, Dave & Sue Morrison, Pat O'Dowd & Donna Elmslie, Craig Perry, Steve Pike.

We arrived on the dot of 8am and were the last as usual. Pat gave the assembled masses a concise briefing and after welcoming guest Cristian and his family to the trip, we...
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