Monthly Archives: April 2016

Check your status. Trips and Meeting Roster

You can view the trips you are registered for by going to the Members List and clicking the number to the left of your name. The supper roster will also show if you are rostered in the coming months. This will only be seen through the website when a member accesses the club website MEMBERS Section. You can also select another member's name if you want to seen what your friends are doing. Go to the Membership List here (Password required)
Peter F Trips and Events Coordinator
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Trip 125 – Gnangara Pines Night Trip   

12th March 2016 Trip Leader:   Pat O'Dowd 6.00pm Meet at Landsdale McDonalds Upon arrival Pat discovered a ratchet handle tucked into our bumper. Clear evidence of a pre-trip tinker by Matt. As we awaited the arrival of our fellow members, McDonalds was well met by drivers and passengers. And dinner was had. Around 6.15 we departed with an 8 vehicle convoy. After we got over the confusion of who was tail end Charlie (Pat was reminiscing his last trip)   we arrived at the dirt and aired down. Ten minutes later we got to the sand pit and was quickly followed...
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New private Facebook discussion group

Members can now chat about up-coming events in a private Facebook group. Only financial members of the club can view the discussions in this group, therefore discussions on meeting places and planning the trip can be freely discussed. The group will be monitored to maintain appropriate content. You must apply to join the group through your Facebook profile. Click here to open Facebook at the group site. The new group is for event discussions only. Because not all members are Facebook users, trip photos and trip notes are to be sent to...
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