A Car Licensing Reminder

True Story posted here in the News to prompt all to check…is your car licence up to date

Do you remember receiving and paying your renewal?

“My wife and I had only just left home and driven down the street when I heard a police siren and so pulled over.
The officers advised that my 2012 Pajero, that I owned from new, was unlicensed! This came as quite a shock as my wife meticulously pays and files all invoices as they come due. However their on-board computer and my iPad both came to the same conclusion.

Our plates were immediately confiscated and they instructed us to drive home via the shortest route.

We subsequently found that a renewal had never been sent.

Our car had been unlicensed for two years.

Of course with no visual reminder on the windscreen it’s easy to overlook.

The police commented that many people were caught in the same way with new or near new vehicles, but irrespective of no yearly invoice/statement being sent, it is deemed to be our responsibility.

Next step was to Vehicle Inspections, Welshpool where we were given a work order and a bill for $62 to have the vehicle inspected and re licensed since it was 2 years since the last licence had expired.

The inspection failed.!

I had a common 50mm lift, which apparently required an engineering report and a permit.
This was all new to me as I had not been informed that this was necessary, but apparently any vehicle with ESC or ASC requires an engineering certificate if any suspension modification is performed .

It took me some time first to retrieve a report from the supplier/ installer, then to provide it to the Vehicle Safety and Standards Technical Manager. The vehicle had to undergo another inspection (another $62) and this was followed by the issue of a Motor Vehicle Modification Approval certificate ($20).

Finally after nearly a full day taken to have the car compliant, I was issued with new plates.

We were advised that a very disturbing issue could have been with any potential insurance claim.
Even the most minor of alterations to a car will require a very thorough paper trail of certificates/reports etc to ensure that an insurance claim is paid out.

There is also quite some uncertainty around the legal requirements/ certification on the modifications common to cars in our club. I received considerable help from the Installer Medicar Automotive Solutions to resolve the issue.

Has anyone had a similar experience?



  1. All your licensing renewals, vehicles and drivers licences can be tracked on your licensing time line if you register online with DOT.


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