Captain Fawcett Track

Trip Leader: Pat O’Dowd

When: 26th February 2012

Location: Nanga Road, Lane Poole Reserve to Quindanning

Participants: Peter Cole & Shawn, Ian Tooke,  Robyn & Emma, Kyle with Pat O’Dowd, John and Lyn Byworth, Craig Buckingham & Maria, Izabella & Jozia, Glenn Bignell, Wendy Lehmann & Gail Riley, Trevor Josephs & Marianna, Henry Praxmarer & Denise, Greg Aldegheri & Samantha Norgard, Malcolm Harrison & Trish,

Piston Broke Nomination : Ian Tooke for being stuck on a GRADE ONE track

The Fawcett Track commemorates one of the districts early pioneers, Captain Theo Fawcett from Pinjarra. In spite of his holding of 10,000 acres at Pinjarra, and land being easily available, Captain Fawcett realised he and his family would require heavier land, so decided to look towards the other side of the Darling Range. It was here he decided to build his house on a selected piece of land being over 5,000 acres. Captain Fawcett showed his bushcraft skills by making his return journey directly through the bush to nearest civilisation. He blazed trees on his way to show his workman and shepherds. That blazed track is almost exactly the route on which the present day road runs from Marradong to Dwellingup.

The ‘from easy to medium’ grade 4WD section starts within Lane Poole Conservation Reserve, Dwellingup. Much of the track runs along old rail embankments where the timber trains once hauled the forest trees into various mills. Remnants of an old rail bridge stand adjacent to the track. Other sections may be on tracks made by timber cutters to access the forest. There are places along the track where you can pull off and enjoy a picnic on your way.

You’ll drive through historic farmland, here and there dissected by the belt-line that carries bauxite from the Worsely mine through to the refinery at Collie. Mining operations can be seen from various points along the track.

START POINT: Dawn Creek Road/Nanga Road intersection (approx. 3kms past Old Nanga Townsite)

FINISH POINT: Quindanning

TOTAL DISTANCE: 105kilometres

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