Car Rally- Scavenger Hunt

Trip Leader:  Martin, Karen and Keith

Tail End Charlie – Roger, Jan and Tamsin

When:  25th February 2007

Location: West Pinjarra and around.

The meeting place was Pioneer Village Car Park at 9:00am. There was a stiff easterly breeze blowing which was forecast to remain for the day with warm-hot temperatures. Much to my delight, because this was ideal for the location where we were heading .

All 11 vehicles were on time, and after a run down of the rules for the day, it was about 9:20 by the time we were ready to send off the first car. Speedometers were recorded before and then the cars were sent off in 5 minute intervals. Paul, Carol and family were the first to hit the highway. They were followed by:- Pat and daughter Stacey, John and Sue, Terry and son Liam, Paul and Louise, Gary and Wilma, John and Viv, Peter and Denise and then Roger and Jan. It promised to be a good social outing, so most members brought along other family members for the drive. Sorry I can’t remember all of their names, so it’s probably best not to name any for fear of upsetting anyone. 
It was just after 10:00am by the time the last of the participants, Roger and Jan, had departed. Keith had left earlier to check out part of the route before the leading participants got there. 
With questions and directions in hand, the group headed south along South West Highway before turning westward into semi-rural areas of Atwell and Casuarina.  The first off-road encounter came just behind Casuarina Prison where the end of a residential development turned into a ½ kilometre sandy bush track.  This apparently proved to be no obstacle for anyone.  This then lead the group to Mortimer Road which took them into similar country across to the western side of the Kwinana freeway.
Some of the questions required a keen eye or slow driving, so the group was now spreading out with several changes in positions. Those with younger navigators had to slow down in order to decipher my somewhat cryptic clues. 
Eventually the first of the vehicles arrived at Keith’s check point. This was at the southern end of Baldivis Road where the most difficult part of the trip was to be encountered. Much to our delight the area that had been pre-tripped was still open. The Peel Pine Plantation which surrounds the Government explosives depot is in the process of being cleared to make way for the Freeway extensions. We had spoken to the security personnel at the explosives depot watchhouse late last year to get their permission to enter the area. We were informed that there was no problem with the club using the tracks around the area; however, the freeway was due to be commenced before our trip. Obviously the government is behind on its schedule… surprise surprise.
The group slowly made its way around the perimeter of the depot before bearing off into the pine plantation. The 4.5 kilometres of tracks turned from white sand stone to very soft dirty black soil. Some made wrong turns inside the plantation, but all eventually made it out in the correct location. A few had to reduce their tyre pressures to get through the soft bits. 
Meanwhile, Keith who was manning the pine plantation entrance check point was still waiting for John and Sue B to arrive. Considering they were 3rd to leave Armadale, concern developed as to their whereabouts. After a mobile phone call, it was discovered that they had overtaken the 2 vehicles in front of them and had entered the pine plantation before Keith had got there.
The group then headed along Mandurah Road before heading east past the Peel District Hospital and onto Pinjarra Road. They eventually turned into the side roads and tracks through West Pinjarra farm lands. The course meandered its way on the eastern side of the Estuary towards the Old Bunbury Road. The Southern Estuary Road was then used to find Island Point Reserve where a lap of the picnic area was needed to answer some more questions before heading out to the Bunbury Highway.
 White Hill Road was the destination where instructions indicated for vehicles to lower tyre pressures below 18lbs before heading onto the beach.
It was approaching 1:00pm before the first arrival at the finish line. Karen, Keith and myself had arrived about an hour earlier and erected the “house of 11 blue bags” (without the sides) to provide shade for everyone. It had turned out to be a hot day with a gentle easterly blowing all day. This kept the ocean lovely cool and calm.
Eventually all participants arrived, with only one party having to open their emergency envelope after getting lost. I won’t name names… Pat. 
Points were gained through answering the 47 questions along the route. And points were lost for each kilometre travelled over the set distance (sorry Roger). Points were also lost for each lb over the 18lb tyre pressure specified on the instructions before entering the beach. The highest being recorded at 24lbs. I won’t name names…Terry. 
The club carport proved to be a great success on the beach with it accommodating almost all of the 29 people on the trip for a shady lunch gathering. The day was so perfect for swimming that everyone enjoyed a paddle or swim.
Before we knew it, it was getting on for 5:00pm, so we packed up the “house of 11 blue bags” and headed back to Perth amongst the heavy Mandurah weekend traffic.
Thank you to Keith for the great deal of time and effort he put into helping organise this trip.
The final results are listed below. Well done to the winners, Peter, Denise and family. Thank you to Pat and Stacey for opening their emergency envelope (losing 30 points in doing so), if you hadn’t done that, I would have thought the course needed making more difficult next time.

                     CAR RALLY RESULTS
Trip Points
Question Points

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