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Environment Day – Wungong Regional Park Track Clearing 2020

Date:  25th July 2020 Trip Coordinator:  Brett Anderson Convoy: Phil Burton, Les and Leith Hackett and children, Martijn Franke and Leanne Williams, Stephen Kalynuik, John and Jennifer Clark (Visitors), Tom Van Hall, Nick Flux, Bruce and Judith Brinkley. Objective of the Day: To drive a section of the Regional Park,  check the tracks  for clear access for DFES  and to clear where fallen trees impeded. Met in the Byford carpark of Hungry Jacks and Baked in Byford...(there had to be a bakery somewhere in the vicinity!!!). Great coffee and all the rest. Though B in B  had...
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McBeg Update

Just in from our Past Environment Officer Tony Weldon. Each of you receiving this email, and the second one, helped the Club’s work at Wungong Regional Park (McBEG) behind Byford when we were undertaking the restoration of the gravel pit and adjacent old crop duster’s airstrip. In October this year, the Club went up to Wungong for some more work and had a look at the two areas. Must admit I was stunned and had tears in...
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Tending the Tracks Initiative

An exciting way for the future. 4WD access though still protecting the areas we travel through. Eight Mitsi members participated throughout  the weekend from Guilderton to Jurien Bay. We learned a lot, gave valid input to the Forum,  and interestingly the coast care people attending also learned that most 4WDers are not careless or destructive....that most are like them ..wanting to keep the land in care for our future generations. Ray Cully's excellent article in  West Australian West Wheels Off Roading ...
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2016 Wilbinga Cleanup

Wilbinga Shacks 4x4 Crew is now in the process of arranging a clean-up of the Conservation Park in Wilbinga on Sunday the 22nd of May 2016. Information from Trackcare Track-Care-Logo Members of the Mitsubishi Club have participated in past years...
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Churchman Park

14th February 2016. Trip Leader: David Morrison. Environment Officer. 14 Cars in attendance, 5 of which were Visitors.

Meeting of members was in the car park of Mc D in Armadale. Introductions were made between visitors and members, with coffee being enjoyed from the Mc D coffee bar. Dave gave his pre-trip talk convoy safety requirements followed by a brief description of the bush and road conditions to be expected during the pending trip.

TRIP 120 FEB 2016 (6) The convoy proceeded to...

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Trip 94 – Kaarakin Cleanup June 2015

Trip Leader: Peter Cole

On a bright and sunny Sunday morning, members and visitors arrived at the Kaarakin Centre to put in a morning’s work on behalf of the WA4WDA for the Black Cockatoo Preservation Society.
As soon as most people alighted from vehicles to unload tools, it was a very quick decision to grab jackets as the light cool breeze had a sharp cutting edge to it… though almost everybody warmed up a bit as they walked the several hundred metres uphill to the actual worksite. Then it was not long before jackets and jumpers came off.

We were one of three clubs in attendance, the others being the Peel 4WD Club and the Armadale 4WD Club. The major projects for the day were to complete tree planting in the kangaroo enclosure and associated plant screening (to stop the kangaroos from eating all the hard work), and to clean up a huge old aviary and to salvage as much of the old steel mesh and other fittings for recycling as we could.

With an onsite diesel generator humming along nearby, it was a bit noisy with the added chorus of angle grinders cutting up the steel mesh panels. While the initial workload around the aviary appeared to pretty massive, with so many people putting gloves on and getting stuck in, the transformation of the aviary site from a complete mess to structured piles of scrap metal mesh, other metal pieces, and general scrap was accomplished quite quickly. Most of the serious salvaging was completed before a very pleasant morning tea put on by the Armadale Club.

The tree planting, screening, and landscaping took place in the kangaroo enclosure , with a large mob of ‘roos around. It provided great entertainment for the children and grandchildren as the animals darted way from work teams as they moved from spot to spot. As with the aviary site, the efforts of the many volunteers in the animal enclosure made a very significant dent in the work scope before “mornos”…a very tasty selection of cakes and bikkies, and hot nibbles but, while it was all very pleasant and enjoyable to sit around in picturesque surroundings, that wasn’t the purpose in being there. So everyone was rounded up and dispatched back to their worksites to complete the allocated tasks.

The Society had hoped that we could make a slight dent in the work required to complete these projects, so to make the final completion easier for their volunteers, but such was the effort and enthusiasm of all those who participated on the day, that both of these two large projects were completely finished before lunchtime. It was estimated that we had shaved several months work off the agenda for the Preservation Society so our efforts were greatly appreciated.

In total, between 45 and 50 people attended and worked for the morning. Our club attendance was almost half of that total, with 23 adults and 5 children participating.Thank you to all members and visitors who attended. It was a significant contribution on behalf of the W.A.4 Wheel Drive Association, to support and assist the Black Cockatoo Preservation Society with their ongoing efforts.

Peter Cole