Coalmine Beach Walpole

Trip Leader: Terry Keesing

When: 26th December, 2010  – 8th January, 2011

Location: Coalmine Beach, Walpole  WA 6398

Participants: Terry and Theresa and family , Michael and Marion, Paul and Louise and family, Rick and Nancy, Trevor and Rachel and family, David and Tracy, Frank.

Tuesday 28th December 2010.
Forest Drive
Today was a day that was planned to go to beautiful beach spot at Rame Head. However the weather wasn’t so favorable for a day at the beach so we decided to postpone that and take a drive in the forest instead. Our destination was for lunch at Monastery Landing.
Terry led the way with Michael and Marion bringing up the rear as Tail End Charlie. After a short distant eastward down the highway, we turned off at Boxhall Road and headed into the forest towards our first destination at “Circular Pool”. We stopped here for a while to take in the beauty of this area, although the severe lack of water runoff was clearly evident. We soon moved off and after completing almost a full loop of the one way circuit, Terry confessed that he “sort of missed a turn!!” With the aid of Gadget Man Paul’s array of mapping equipment, we soon discovered that a simple reverse manoeuvre would soon see us on Monastery Road. Soon after, we had set up at Monastery Landing where some people fished (unsuccessfully but had fun anyway) while others sat around and enjoyed the good company. We packed up at about 3pm and made the short journey back to the South Coast Highway and back to camp.
As always, it was a relaxing and enjoyable day in good company.
(Rick and Nancy Ellis)

Wednesday 29th December 2010
Bornholm Hill
Terry (T L)
David & Michael
8am departure from Coalmine Beach Caravan Park
Turn onto South Coast Hwy towards Denmark for a pit stop at the bakery and possible fuel for Terry.
TL advised that he did not have any money and could someone help him out!!!
Paul advised that he had lots of money spare, so we all relaxed and carried on.
9.15 am back on the road after the pit stop and heading for the Bornholm hill.
RH turn into Lower Denmark Road heading to Sheppard Lagoon Rd this was at one time the way to the beach via the hill decent. However the track was closed and so on that note we turned round and made our way to Bornholm Hill via Bornholm Road South.

At last we had found our way to the correct track and as we travelled along it became apparent that the getting down to the beach would be easy compared to the drive back up.
The track was getting softer with lots of up’s and downs but after a short while we found ourselves all on the beach. The surf was up and areas of the beach soft so all dropped tyre pressures down to 10psi.
Run along the beach looking for a spot to set up camp and do some fishing.
First catch of the day was to Trevor with a small bream. After an hour or so we noticed that we had not got a full feed for the members back at camp so we called it a day and started to head back up the beach to The Hill.
First man & car to go up was Terry. This required a little bit of right foot and next thing we hear is that Terry had rolled a tyre.
Second man & Car to go was Michael & David. Needed to stop at the first stage and as a result ended up with needing to grab the shovel and pushing and puffing. Up to the next stage and needed to stop again as we had not been given a clear direction from the TL. This resulted in using the Max Tracs and they worked a treat.
Trevor was able to make the climb without any trouble.
Paul on the other hand needed the max Tracs to help him out of a little bit of trouble at the first stage but then climbed the hill without any problems.
It took some time for Terry and Michael to change the wheel and also assist some other four wheel drivers to turn round and head back up the hill. We had advised them that they would be wise to not drive any further down the hill.
2.15 pm we had all got to the top of the Hill and pressured up the tyres to 15 psi.
Some of the people that we helped offered chocolate and a drink to us in return for the help.
This resulted in one of drivers stating that he would like to look into joining our club.
Headed back to camp via: South Coast Hwy after a very enjoyable trip.

Friday 30th December 2010
Rame Head
The south-west weather can often be a gamble and our mid-morning arrival at Rame Head was dull and prefaced with clouds. This did not deter the children (and some adults) from taking the plunge! Within an hour or so the cloud had lifted and we were blessed with an amazingly beautiful day, displaying the spectacular beauty of this much-loved destination at its very best.
Time was spent snorkelling, fishing, beach-combing, boogie boarding, exploring rock-pools, sand-boarding,playing beach-cricket, reading, relaxing, eating, drinking…….I ‘m sure you get the picture. Trevor even tried some spear-fishing. When it came to pack-up time, we had a hard time persuading the children to leave.
Terry tried an alternative, slightly more challenging route home. Sadly, Frank’s vehicle scored a dent in the process, but the speccy views were rewarding.
A wonderful day was had by all who participated.

Saturday 1st January 2011.
Everyone awoke at a leisurely pace. We all had breakfast amd decided to try out a new spot call Hush Hush Beach. We left Coal Mine Beach Caravan Park at around 11.00am and the convoy met in the carpark near the tourist information centre in town.
We headed to Crystal Spring Road and headed down a track with a beautiful bush all around us. We followed signage leading us to Hush Hush Beach, it was quite an easy drive and when we arrived the scene before us was breathtaking the beach, ocean and horizon looked so beautiful only problem was we couldn’t get down on the beach so we retraced our tyre prints and made our way towards Long Point Beach. We didn’t get to see this beach because there were cars already parked in the small parking area and we had to squeeze our way through to get out. This part of the trip became very challenging because we had to go up a very steep, very rutted track . Most people got up straight away but some of us had a little trouble. We had some very capable women drivers that drove along these tracks and hills and did a very good job. They were Louise, Tracey, Marion and Teresa G.
On the way back to Crystal Spring for lunch trip leader Terry told us to stay back because he could see a pretty large convoy coming towards him. Only after a member pointed out that it was his convoy he was looking at. Terry had done a U turn and was looking back at his own convoy. (I think a piston broke nomination is required here). We arrived at Crystal Springs soon after for lunch where we pumped up our tyres.
After lunch most of the convoy drove on to Mandalay Beach and one vehicle went back to camp. This is where Sam & I left the convoy.
Thanks Diana for the beautiful trifle we had after dinner. I hope Absolut and Jack didn’t have a hangover from the night before and thanks also go to Terry for organizing the trip.

Sam & Pasc

Sunday 2nd January 2011
Fish Creek
At 9:30am some people headed to Albany for shopping and catching up with friends while others met in town to refuel and fill with caffeine ready for a trip to Fish Creek. The Fish Creek trip was led by Trevor with Bob and Teresa as Tail-End Charlie, with two other cars in between. We headed along the South-West Highway and turned down the Broke Inlet Road. At the start of the D’Entrecasteaux National Park we all stopped to down tyres to about 15psi to make the drive across the corrugations a little smoother. After a little way we turned left onto the Fish Creek track and headed to West Cliff point for a late morning tea (11ish). The drive through the trees was very calm and picturesque and the view as we drove onto the beach was sensational, however the wind was blowing and we set off again fairly soon to head along the cliffs and check out some tracks. The track was a little scratchy in parts as we made our way to the eastern most part of our trip. We came across a little shack and some people walked down to the cliff face for a look, there was apparently a ladder down the cliff in the past but it has since been taken away.
We stopped at another point and headed down a steep sandy embankment with the odd bit of limestone sticking out, there were ropes along the entire track to help people along both the downward and upward journey. The sand at the top of the cliff at this point was very hot (lots of black sand) and as we went down the hill there was more white sand and it was cooler underfoot (which was good as my crocs very quickly filled with sand along the way). The rope was knotted along the length of the path, particularly at the bottom where the rope rubbing on the rocks had chafed it away in the wind. The beach at the bottom was a wide curving bay and we walked along to the right where there were rock pools and unusual striations in the cliff face.
There was a little shack under the trees at the top of this cliff but it was inhabited so we moved off to find a shady place for a late lunch (2ish). Given that it was getting quite late in the afternoon and hot in the sun we began to head back to the highway. About half way back we found a shady spot among the trees for lunch. Just as we were packing up to head home a couple of guys drove through and asked us to go back to the beach (a spot we had driven past but not stopped at, someone was bogged up to the axles on the beach). These guys had been trying to help them with no luck for some time and the tide was coming in. They had driven for 40 minutes to get to us, but the 4WD club members figured out a way back to the stranded vehicle which took only 15 minutes. By the time we got there about 10 cars were in attendance and they had just gotten the stranded vehicle off the beach. After checking out the beach and a bit of laughter we again headed home. Some people were keen to do a beach run on the way home but as the tide was encroaching and with the lateness of the hour it was decided to head out along the track. We did stop at Broke Inlet on the way home and enjoyed the fabulous sunset. From Broke Inlet the haze caused by the bush fires in the same park, but closer to Pemberton, made the atmosphere quite eery, but also beautiful. A couple of people had to take more than one run to get off the beach here, it was a flat beach but the sand was very soft with our hard tyres as we had re-inflated before we got to broke inlet. It was an easy drive back to Walpole from here and we arrived back at camp at about 6:30. We had a peaceful trip, with a few memorable stops along the way, a good day was had by all.

Wednesday 5th January 2011
Peaceful Bay – Irwin Inlet
Once again we were filled with promises of being taken to some far off and exotic place by our “Long Gone” leader. The quiche eating men had once again reneged on this what promised to be a very challenging trip and chose instead to go to the Herb Farm!!!!. I was filled with great excitement as I had never been to Parry Bay. Terry had the route planned and we headed off with determination along the long beach of Peaceful Bay. As we neared the end it became a realisation that we could not venture any further due to a very rocky outcrop. We turned around as this was our only option and ended back at Irwin Inlet (Terry had an ulterior motive!) FISHING. We were to go no further. Out came the rods and there we stayed for the remainder of the day successfully reeling in several fish. However the real MEN of the small group that were brave enough to follow Terry could not help themselves when given the opportunity to assist a somewhat idiot who had driven his car and boat over a rather large sand mound and got both bogged. Michael and Paul walked back proudly after showing their skills once again as the car drove off. Meantime those that could fish Sam Marion and Terry where still enjoying pulling in the King George Whiting. Parry Beach still remains a mystery to me along with several other places that Terry had promised to take us.
Marion Gilbert

Thursday 6th January 2011

It was a stinking hot muggy day when the convoy left Coalmine Beach bound for Peaceful Bay to do some exploring of the tracks and do some fishing and swimming. It seemed like the perfect day for such an activity.

The convoy took the short dusty cut via Station Road Nornalup and reached Peaceful Bay a short time later.
Terry took the convoy down the beach towards the Irwin Inlet. No need to let down the tyres as the beach was like a highway. Sam was asked to check the temperature on his in car thermometer and the temperature was nearly the 40 degree C mark. Unheard of on a beach on the south coast.

The Convoy checked out a possible King George Whiting fishing spot near the mouth of the closed Irwin Inlet . it was decided to carry on exploring other tracks in the comfort of air conditioned cars and come back later to try out the spot.

We continued back along the beach toward Peaceful Bay and let down tyres at the local fire station under shady trees for the exploration of the coast west of Peaceful Bay. The first beach was called Soft Beach so Terry advised the convoy to let tyres down to 15 psi.

The convoy progressed along Soft Beach without drama. This was probably the pick of all the little bays that the convoy travelled through. Most of the bays had limited parking for a large group of cars.

Michael lost contact with rest of group when he took a work call. That was the last we would see of him until we hit Peaceful Bay again.

Terry was hoping that we would be able to complete the full circuit without having to double back . Sometimes the track is unpassable where a freshwater creek cuts through the beach. This time is was passable so all was looking good.

As we headed towards the last beach on our destination the sky suddenly darkened. The temperature plunged from near 40 degree C to about 25 degree C in a few minutes. We could see a rain storm heading our way from the ocean.

We decided to abort our trip and head home to check on the camp. We never had that swim on the hottest day.


Friday 7th January 2011

Thurbury Herb Farm

Three vehicles left camp at about 1.30 PM. Apparently we are the quiches eaters because we like to do girlie things.
Sam led the trip and the convoy consisted of The Vasiles and Teresa K, Ryans and Jones. We had a casual drive stopping only to buy some avocados but much to our dismay the stall was empty. We arrived at the Herb Farm, we all looked around at the different herbs. At the door of the café there is a large apricot tree which you can help yourself to. Once inside we all enjoyed a beautiful afternoon tea and spent time looking at all the gifts, soaps and sampling the pickles and jams.

Pasc Vasile

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