Collie Climbs and Dunsborough

Trip Leader: Paul & Louise Ryan

When: Easter 25th – 29th March 2005

Location: Collie & Dunsborough

A group of 5 couples and families took the opportunity to join the camp at  Dunsborough Lakes Caravan Park over the Easter weekend. John and Rosalie, John and Sue, Paul, Louise, Matthew and Sam, arrived on Thursday afternoon and set up camp.  George and Linda arrived in the evening, set up camp and all joined in an evening  chatting around the table at the B’s Hilton – which provided a suitable gathering point for ‘Happy Hour’ and evening chats for the whole camp.  John S and Vivian and their children Cory, Chrystal, Luke and Jessica arrived on Friday morning and set up their tents.  We were fortunate in being able to get sites next to and behind each other, which gave a central community area.
Friday was a day of relaxation and ‘do your own thing’.  John & Rosalie had family visiting and went into Dunsborough for a fish and chips lunch – after which John K was not sure whether the cost included shares in the shop – sorry John probably not.  Some made use of the facilities at the park including mini- golf, volleyball, kids playground and swimming pool.  The littlies enjoyed riding their bikes around the park. John’s B & K had a game of golf. A ‘Happy Hour’ or two was followed by dinner and an evening of chatting while Paul helped John B get his GPS working. 
 26th March  Day Trip Meelup, Bunker Bay, Canal Rocks, Cape Montelle led by Paul.  
Trip Leader – Paul & Louise

Trip Notes – Linda B

George and Linda took John S and Vivian’s boys (later swapped for the girls) to allow for comfort.  All ready to start at 9.30 but we had a delayed start when John B’s car wouldn’t start – a flat battery from playing with his GPS the night before.  

George suggested he could start it with his new 4 in 1 Power Station.  After several unsuccessful attempts George decided it would be easier to remove a battery put it in John’s car then swap them back once started.  John S asked to try the Power  Station again.  Linda took it over , connected it up and guess what – it worked – One for the girls.  In the meantime George had disconnected his battery so then his radio wouldn’t work (this is still giving him withdrawal symptoms not being able to listen to the football).  John B, George and John S eventually took off to the service station to refuel where we were to meet Paul & John K at Chicken Treat’.  After refuelling George and John B wondered what had happened to Paul & co.  
They were all waiting at Chicken Treat – on one side of the service station while George and John B were at the Chinese restaurant side.  Eventually we all got together and took off  for Meelup beach.
While still on the bitumen John K had a close encounter with a Kangaroo.  Although he missed it he was so thrown by the event he missed the turn-off – yes it was being marked.  A quick photo stop at Meelup then we looked for a 4WD track to Bunker Bay.  A 4WD track that was shown on the map was no longer there due to development. After a trip around a couple of cul-de-sacs and a rendition of ‘Here we go round the mulberry bush’ from George we decided to continue along the coast road.  Arriving at Bunker Bay John B suggested that this was where John K practised his golf – perhaps a reflection of yesterday’s golf?
After a short stop at Bunker Bay we headed off for Sugar Loaf  Rd- Paul decided we needed to inspect a bit more of the development in the area before continuing on our way.  Turning into Sugar Loaf Road we stopped to let our tyres down – fortunately a wide area where the convoy of half a dozen vehicles could easily pass.  Further down the track we met several other vehicles – usually singles that fortunately pulled off the track to let us pass.  There were several deep ruts along the way which needed careful manoeuvring over – where most took the low road John S decided to take the high road – regardless all got through without incident.
We stopped just past Sugar Loaf Rock for a comfort stop and cup of tea.  Those who were hanging out for a coffee but had not come prepared were richly rewarded by the combined efforts of George and John K.  Admiring the view from the observation deck we were treated to more of a view than we wanted when one of the surfers decided to use the deck as a change room to remove his wet suit.  Unfortunately the towel didn’t hide much.
Continuing along the track we reached one challenging rocky outcrop and after a general consensus John S and George successfully guided all vehicles over the area.  A short while later we reached the gravel where we reinflated the tyres.
The group then headed to Canal Rocks where we stopped for lunch on the beach.  Then all clambered over the rocks etc. for a better look at the view.  Leaving Canal Rocks we headed for Cape Montelle.  Couldn’t find the car park entry so all drove down onto the beach.  All decided it had been a long day and we would head back to Simmo’s.  Once we hit the main road the Brombergers decided to leave the group as Sue was having withdrawal symptoms.  
The rest of us decided that Simmo’s was probably closed so headed back to Dunsborough. Unfortunately for Sue the Wineries were closed when they got there.
Linda Bickerdike
Collie Climbs    Sunday 27th March

    Trip Leader – Paul & Louise

      Tail-end Charlie – Chris & Jan 

        Trip Notes – John & Sue

          We had 4 vehicles (Paul, Louise, Matthew and Sam; George and Linda; Sue and John and John and Vivian, Chrystal and Cory, Luke and Jessica) leave the Caravan Park in overcast weather leaving the Kings to have a quiet day. After a petrol stop, we hit the road to join 6 other members on the Collie Road. 10 vehicles in the convoy, (including two sets of visitors) made it difficult (!) to get the correct sequence known through the radio!! The two visitors were Wilma and Gary, and Chris and Keith. Other members on the trip were Richard and Nicole, Shane, Martin and Karen, and Chris and Jan.

          We drove through the stunning hill views, taking the turn for Wellington Dam and along to Honeymoon Pool where we stopped for morning tea and social interaction.

          The Ranger, Peter M, stopped to check us out to see if we were camping and recognised one of our group, the pretty slim blond (Jan) as he had been in charge of the Tree Planting down at Leschenault Inlet. Funny he did not remember any of the guys or other ladies! He had a pow wow with the guys and told Paul that his proposed route was off limits due to a bush fire. So Paul worked out Plan B route.

          The convoy set off at 11.45am and we passed the huge Mount Lennard TV tower and turned into the forest and found a Road Closed sign over what would have been a good challenging track. So we diverted and found a tree trunk obstructing the track, which George moved, with Linda’s help. We got to a high point with great views and a bush fire in the distance. Then the track went downwards and we stopped at a deeply rutted, twisting track.  Some people walked down and decided NOT to attempt it. However Stamps said he was going to attempt it, as it would be good practice for visitors to see how it is done. He got through OK with great applause. Then George, Richard, Shane, Keith, Martin and Chris in Big Bertha, all came through, ably assisted by George directing the way through the steep rocks.

          Meanwhile Paul was having his own playtime, at the top of the track, demonstrating ably how to parallel park. It took a few of the guys, mainly Martin to help dig and shift the bank somewhat, to get the Pajero’s tail end out of the bank! I think a new criteria for new members should perhaps be, their performance with a shovel! As Paul said, what you have to do, to get yourself a photograph in the magazine. While Paul drove down the side show alley, John took new visitors around to join up with the rest of the convoy. We still had some rough bits to negotiate. Well done to all who met the challenge.

          As Paul had been last to get down the track, he was now leading from the back of the convoy while Stamps capably led from the front. We saw many Kookaburras flying about in the forest and sadly, one dead one on the side of the road.

          We arrived at the top of a hill where the power lines went across and stopped for a leisurely late lunch at 2.45pm. We had magnificent views in front of us. At 3.40pm we decided that it was time to head for our respective homes, caravans, tents etc. Some went south and some went north.

          The Collie run was a GREAT trip with some spectacular spectator spots!

          Thanks Paul and Louise for what turned out to be a most exciting day out.

          Sue B.

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