Trip Leader: Terry & Teresa

When: Saturday 8th January 2005

Location: Denmark WA 6333


    Trip Notes – Lizzy, Trevor & Rachael, Sam & Pasc

      An early morning rise for some keen fisherman, and then we met at 0930 (but everyone was so eager to get out on our first trip that they gathered together WAY before this time), so I ended up doing the trip notes!
      15 vehicles headed to the small field outside the camp where we tried a number of times to count the vehicles, but we had a great deal of trouble getting past the number five! (rumor has it this was something to do with Frank and Sam)!
      Today’s trip was the slow and scenic route to Albany, and we had gorgeous weather for it. 

      First we took a detour to watch the hang-gliders soar above Shelley Beach, and noted a great camping spot down at sea level at a beautiful secluded beach – take your own water though.

      We then traveled to Perkins Beach, which was wide with both hard and soft patches of sand. We traveled to the end of the beach arriving at Mutton Bird Island, which was a great spot for lunch as well as swimming, fishing, and relaxing in general. Some of us walked down to Mutton Bird Island, but it was impossible to reach without a boat. I was the last back to the vehicle (which was the first of many times during the trip), so Malcolm is now convinced of the need to buy a hand held radio! Terry has offered the advice “make sure it is a good one” as I wander quite a distance at times! 
      People were eager to move on so we drove up to the car park, and then made our way along narrow sandy bush tracks as we meandered our way along the coastline towards Albany.  The tracks were often very narrow with many close bushes, which often scratched the vehicles. Many commented on this, and there several parts so tight to navigate that Terry had genuine concerns as to whether the F250 would be able to get through. However the big Ford did an admirable job of clearing the track for those behind, with this in evidence on a number of occasions!
      There were a number of awesome views right across the ocean and ahead to the very impressive wind turbines, which loomed bigger and bigger as we moved closer. We then stopped in next to wind turbine No 10 to re-inflate the tyres, and couldn’t believe how huge these were up close – quite amazing watching those huge propeller blades move around so fast.
      As this was the official end of the trip, some headed back to Denmark Rivermouth camp-ground, and many of us headed into Albany to chase the popular idea of a cappuccino! We ended up at Matilda Bay in Albany, enjoying various refreshments to end a great day out, and then all enjoyed a relaxing drive back to Denmark.

        Date – Sunday 9th January 2005

        Farewelled Chris & Jan and Deirdre & Shane this morning (back to work for them and off on another exciting adventure for us!).  After 3 radio checks Terry finally allocated car numbers to everyone numbered 7 and up (still not sure who’s in cars 5 & 6 but we set off anyway).
        We headed West(ish) to Peaceful Bay.  The cars were assaulted by sand flies as we entered the beach so it was windows up for the drive down the Peaceful Bay super-highway.  The sand was hard packed but at times gave a roller-coaster ride over the undulations.
        Groper Bay was the next destination as we weaved our way along the coast exploring each point of interest.  The entry onto the beach was incident free but the exit proved tricky as a sharp right hand turn saw several cars having a go or six to get out.  More than one car was seen to hit the bank of sand as they misjudged the sharp turn but I wouldn’t like to name them.  After the first few cars had finished watching (and, I believe, laughing at) the efforts of the final drivers in the convoy we set off again.
        At Cape Hope we stopped at the lookout and got a spectacular view of the coastline but some people had to hurry back to their cars as the hot sand scorched bare feet.  It was here that Frank and Nikolina discovered they had lost a mudguard back at Groper Bay.  They did manage to find the several pieces it had become but luckily no serious damage was done!  (Worth noting that several cars lost their aerials this trip so a few people will be able to give advice about how best to fix them at the next meeting!)
        The convoy was so long that at several of the turn-around parking areas we had to park very close together with the front of the convoy circling around to meet the end.  A snake crossed Nancy and Karen’s path at Kingi Rock, which was our next stop.
        A certain unnamed non-Mitsubishi had a little trouble getting out at the next long and boggy exit from Castle Rock (you didn’t hold us up for long though, thanks George)
         Lunch and the official end of the run was at Diamond Rock where there was only enough parking for 4 cars so it was a tight squeeze and the last four cars reversed up the track for a fast-getaway later. . . and just when you thought it was done. . .
        All about face at The Gap and hang left as you come off the boards (well, if you want a smooth landing that is).  We headed back the way we had come but as we made our way across the Soft Beach we came across a stranded car (or two) blocking the path (oh dear, a burnt out clutch plate).  A couple of cars stopped, then a few went around, with the rest of the convoy left sitting on the soft sand wondering how far to let their tyres down.  Terry &Teresa struggled out unaided and Roger & Jan and Martin & Karen were eventually pushed out by a half-dozen or so of the clubs finest muscle men (after first helping the stranded stranger of course).  Someone else may have been snatched out as well, but it was hard to say from my vantage point on the tarmac.  The rest of the cars made it safely back onto the sealed road before heading back to the campsite.
        Thanks Terry & Teresa for a great day and a very pleasant week in Denmark.
        Terry & Teresa
        Date – Saturday 8th January 2005 BORNHOLM BEACH MAYBE

        Trip Leader Terry briefed us at 9.26am on our hard day of 4WD. It started off as a beautiful day, overcast, windy and sometimes sunny. Our convoy today was smaller than usual (7 vehicles). 1 Landcruiser, 1 Frontera, 1 Prado, 1 Nissan and 3 Mitsubishi’s, John Mckay was our tail end Charlotte again. (He does such a great job). On our way to Bornholm Beach we discussed cooking and Terry acknowledged that Teresa was good at everything and Sam said that my downfall was a roast and I admitted that it was. Our club motto We’re Outward Bound was true at this point of our trip because I think Terry was leading us outward up the garden path. The beach didn’t want to be found. We went down a track and found a friendly farmer on a tractor (I think he is the guy that charges $1000 a car to tow you out). He explained which track to take to get to the beach. Arriving closer to the beach Terry decided to drive down on his own to first check to see if the track was okay for the convoy, we lost radio contact with him so George & John took their handhelds to try and establish contact which they eventually did. Terry found the track too steep and boggy for all of us to go down so he went to go and check another track for us while we waited (what a great leader) always looking out for the safety and well being of his group.

        We didn’t quite make it to Bornholm Beach but drove through some bushy country and made a completed loop and ended up where we started from. We all pumped up our tyres to get back on the main road and decided to go to Cosy Corner to have lunch. At approximately 2.20pm after a nice relaxing lunch and chat we decided to head off and explore more of our beautiful coastline. Terry & Martin set out earlier to try and find a track down to the beach, they soon returned with some great news, they had found one that we could drive down to.

        We all let down our tyres again and set off. We followed the Torbay Road & turned on a track 2nd on left. The track was pretty good and when we reached the beach the sight was breathtaking. (Pure white sand and beautiful inviting blue ocean). The tyres had to be let down more because the sand was pretty soft.

        The boys disguised as men had a great time on the beach doing donuts and showing off what their cars were capable of. John was trying to show us how the Mitsubishi commercial was made. We were all excited about the climb that we had to get back up from the beach. It was a little hairy. Terry made it up with no problems, Martin went next and had trouble half way up but eventually made it, we were next and had trouble getting around the first bend eventually our fearless leader told us we had to let some more air out of our tyres, after that we got out first go, Trevor and John in the Mitsubishis had no trouble at all. After pumping up our tyres at 4.23pm we headed back to Camp Denmark.

        What started off as being a fairly quiet day four wheel driving ended up being fun, full of excitement and adventure and a great learning experience.

        Two very important things that we learnt on this holiday
        1. Tyre Pressure
        2. Terry’s short trips always end up as long trips.
        Sam and I would like to now take this opportunity to thank Terry for being our trip leader and organising such a great holiday and the rest of the group for being so kind and friendly and making our time in Denmark so enjoyable
        Sam & Pasc

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