Environment Day – Wungong Regional Park Track Clearing 2020

Date:  25th July 2020

Trip Coordinator:  Brett Anderson

Convoy: Phil Burton, Les and Leith Hackett and children, Martijn Franke and Leanne Williams, Stephen Kalynuik, John and Jennifer Clark (Visitors), Tom Van Hall, Nick Flux, Bruce and Judith Brinkley.

Objective of the Day: To drive a section of the Regional Park,  check the tracks  for clear access for DFES  and to clear where fallen trees impeded.

Met in the Byford carpark of Hungry Jacks and Baked in Byford…(there had to be a bakery somewhere in the vicinity!!!). Great coffee and all the rest. Though B in B  had some commercial competition from Brett who had been up very early baking  fresh scones and muffins for our morning tea.      We’re spoilt!!

As Stephen,  an earlier Environmental Officer before heading interstate, knew the right gate to enter the park for the section,  he led the group.   Near to the gate in there was a fallen tree so the party split, some to stay using the chain saws newly purchased through a DBCA grant, the remainder to make their way to the rehabilitated airstrip our Club has planted out. Photos below.


The second group ranged out along the tracks nearby collecting rubbish. It’s so much easier using “picker upper” tools to pluck bottles and cans out of the undergrowth.
Thank you DBCA.
From when we first started our love affair with Wungong to now,  in this section of the park the tossed rubbish is significantly less. Wonderful to see so many are now taking their rubbish with them. Future days in the park will cover other sections.

Just as well we didn’t plant out the whole airstrip as we need a staging area.   A couple of lengths of the earlier tree cleared were brought to this area for demonstration and training in use of the equipment the club has acquired.

Below is the second tree cleared from a track heading west to the escarpment..


A morning of work. Fresh scones. An afternoon drive through the bush. Home by 4.
Another good, satisfying, Mitsi Environment day trip.

The sign may go but the trees are our testament.

Trip Report: Brett Anderson

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