Environmental: Introduction to Dune Regeneration July 2018

Date:        14th July 2018
Site:          About 500m south of Leeman Green Head Track start.
Environmental Day:     Organised by Tending the Tracks Alliance.
Mitsubishi Club Members attending: Paolo Solera & Elisa Michilini
Bruce & Judith Brinkley

Tim Gilbertson, centre, Coorow Shire Ranger, and a local for many years, briefs us on how a simple innocently created track over a dune, can in time blow out  with the action of wind and waves into a huge growing bare sandy patch.

High on the dune behind Paolo is an area that had been greatly bare but now, many years later is  rehabilitated with local low shrubs.

Next Tim took us to see the usual situation when access is created to a beach over a dune BUT the direction of that access track aimed into the wind … not across the wind.

The big hole is the old access track…with the initial rehabilitation brushing thrown in to demonstrate how effective, extremely low cost to Shire coffers and easy it is to rehabilitate a big sand scar.
Volunteers,  time,   and  a supportive  council.

First, brush is collected that is suitable and similar to that growing there now.
Brush is thrown in covering the bare sand. Sand falls or blows over the brush. Seeds drop from the brush and blow in from around. Rain falls and seeds germinate.

Below is what usually happens when a track is no longer navigable. A second track beside it is created. This will then over time became another unsustainable beach access.

Note the angle of the track to the beach…. It faces south west.. straight into the direction of the wind and if it had been closer to the beach would have eroded with storm surges.

Below: the vehicle access into Honeymoon Bay used to be soft sand and is now hard formed  but has been there for many years… because the direction is across the wind and wave/ storm action and will be sustainable.

The information we all learned this day was passed on to the respective 4WD Clubs whose representatives attended. Of course we all realised that Tim was giving us a peek into our future if we worked with him in the area.
Many dune walks and much brushing. !!!!

Trip Report: Judith Brinkley

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