Fonty’s Pool

DATES: 26 December 2012 to 5 January 2013

TRIP LEADERS: Guy & Wendy Lehmann

Location: Manjimu

CAMPERS:  Peter & Denise Belcher, Richard & Helen Kingston, John & Rosalie King, Martin & Karen Archer, Bridget & Bob McPherson, Malcolm & Trish Harrison, Keith Parker, Glen Bignell,  Rodger & Jan Freeguard and Bruce & Judy Brinkley

We were allocated the “overflow” area adjacent to the campers kitchen.  This was big enough to accommodate around 12 campers.  The area was all grassed with some trees and we had access to four power and water outlets .  Facilities were good considering that were in the peak holiday period.   The fresh water pool came in handy on the hot days with the temperatures sitting in the high 30’s for most of the stay.

DAY 1 & 2
Both days were park up days as campers all arrived at different times and had to setup and get organised.

We travelled to Lake Jasper , which was around 72 km’s from our campsite.  We travelled east along Seven Day Road through the Beedelup National Park to the Vasse Highway intersection.  Turned left at the intersection and proceeded to Scott Road which heads to the coast.  There was come confusion at the commencement of the road  as it said that the road was closed due to flood damage.   A bridge that was there was washed away but we had no trouble crossing the creek.  The track into Lake Jasper was sandy but no trouble with lowered tyre pressures.
Lake Jasper has a large under cover area, toilets and a small camping area.  The lake has fresh water and a small sandy beach.  Had a great cooling swim and had our lunch under the shaded area.   When we departed half the crew decided to carry on along the Scott Road to Black Point and then back to camp and the other half travelled back via Channybearup Road to the camp.  We had a bit of a hold up on the return trip with another 4WD that got bogged on the track leading out of the lake.  The usual problem of 40 psi not cutting it in soft sand.

This was basically a park up day.  As the day looked like hitting 40 c we decided to do a short 25 km trip to Big Brook Dam.  This is a fresh water dam  with shade, toilets and a sandy beach.  A popular spot with the locals.  We spent the bulk of the day in and out of the water and some went for a walk around the dam.

We travelled to Windy Harbour via Northcliffe, which was around 80 kms from our campsite.  Before reaching Windy Harbour we turned off to explore the various bays adjacent to Pt D’Eentrecasteaux.  Upon arrival at the settlement we found some nice shady trees to have lunch and there was even an ice-cream van for those who wished to indulge.  After lunch we followed a track trough the sand hills that  led to the Gairdner River.  Upon reaching the river we stopped at the River mouth for a look and then headed back to Windy Harbour along the beach.  The beach sand was fairly firm and was easy going.  We proceeded back to camp once we reached the settlement.

This was a park up day was we had to prepare for “New Years Eve”.  The theme for the night was that you had to come as anything that started with a “P”.  We had a communal barby and everyone contributed a salad or a sweet.  It was a fun night and we all lasted until well after midnight.  I would recommend that  readers check out the photos taken on the night.

Park up day.

Keith led a trip to the Yeagarup Junes and Beach via Pemberton which was around 65 km. We proceeded out of Pemberton (bakery stop of course) out along Vasse Highway and turned off towards the coast on Ritter Road.  Once the road became sandy we stopped to air down.  The dunes were relatively easy going and we proceeded down to the beach.  We travelled down the beach towards the Warren River with the hope that we meet up with the track that exits of the Warren Beach.  We stopped for lunch at the Warren River mouth.
After crossing the Warren river we had to turn back because the beach had a huge cat away.  We travelled back along the beach to the Yeagarup Beach entry point.  Getting off the beach was ok but it was a bit of a challenge getting up the hill that leads to the dunes.  A few of us had to have a few goes to get up the hill.  Once we were over the hill and had exited the dunes we headed off back to camp.

Glen let a trip to Warren beach via Northcliffe which was around 69 kms.  Once we left Northcliffe we followed the recommended Hema tracks to get to the Warren Beach Road.  Hema are a little out of date and we ended out going around in circles but did eventually find the road.    The sandy track to Callcup Hill was in pretty good condition.  Once we reached Callcup Hill the track descending down to the beach dropped 150 mtrs over a relatively short distance. 
Our initial response to descending down the hill was “no way” in fear that we would not get back up the hill.  After fiddling around with tyre pressures and a few trial runs we decided that yes we can do it. We all descended down the hill  and followed the track to the Warren Beach.  We all had no trouble going back up the hill and onto the track back to Northcliffe.  It is amassing what dropping your tyre pressures to 10 psi can achieve. We found a nice shady bunch of trees an the track had lunch and headed back to camp.

DAY 10
We travelled to Moore’s Hut and Fish Creek which was around 77 kms.  We travelled down the South Western Highway until we reached Deeside Coast Road and turned right.  This road was a fairly good gravel road that travels through the Shannon National Park and leads directly to the Moore’s Track.  Moore’s Track was your usual sandy track and was no problem with your tyre pressures lowered.  We travelled to fish creek first which ended out being a dead end and we were unable to actually get to the beach.  I think we missed the urn off but time constraints stopped us from back tracking.
We commenced on the track to Moore’s Hut.  This is a small camp site in a nice shaded area with the usual dump toilet.  We had lunch here and then commenced down to the beach for a look.  You could drive some distance in both directions along the beach and we came across a decaying whale carcass.   There are also several little camp sites in amongst the dunes that we checked out when exiting the beach.  Once we left Moore’s Hut we travelled back to camp via the Quinninup Pub.

DAY 11
Pack up and head home.

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