Fremantle Ghost Tour

Trip Leader:  Murray Baskerville

Date: 10th May 2019

The Fremantle Ghost tour commenced at 6.30pm with 20 members boarding the tram in Fremantle. The tram was built in far off days when people did “physical” work and ate “different” food….so for the majority of members the seats were snug or you could even say cozy. (read ‘tight’) 

And the white shape at the top right of the round house steps ????
Does anyone remember one of our group wearing a white voluminous cape.
Anyone want to claim him, her, it..?

Our tour guide was perfect for the job as he had the 3rd eye and had managed to see ghosts or orbs in a number of places around Freo. Thrown in with the information about ghosts existing were a few interesting facts ….. our first stop was the Round House. Saved from being demolished when the harbour master discovered what was happening and objected successfully as the building acted as a windbreak for his home also on the top of the cliffs.

After the Round House we were driven to Cicerellos for our fish & chip supper which was yummy …. poor Bruce missed out on the prawns but Neil by all accounts enjoyed his!!  Supper was eaten overlooking the harbour outside of the E shed markets and we all agreed it was a perfect spot and a lovely evening.

We then continued up to Fremantle Cemetery to have a look at the grave of Bon Scott of ACDC fame.. before going to view the unmarked grave of criminals/ convicts including two from quite recent history.


It was then a quick drive to Fremantle Prison for a 9.30pm torchlight tour around the prison with our guide Deborah.











We were taken into the reception area and then through the kitchen

with tales of maggots in the food, then out to the exercise area


‘Spacious’ Cells 


Designer Loos                                 


A couple of scary moments when convicts appeared… one throwing himself off the top floor only to be caught by the anti suicide netting strung across the void.






Artwork on the walls was previously considered graffiti and carried a punishment until the decision to close the prison was made …and then the inmates were allowed to decorate the walls …..with amazing paintings.





After that we moved onto the whipping post where Rachel had lots of fun whipping me.

We unfortunately had to move on.
(Ed. Note.  They do it every night anyway)




The next stop was the building where the hangings happened and then a visit to the mortuary

It was a totally different night !! ….with the evening finishing with us being allowed to keep our torches (maybe tired of them being souvenired so give them away as a souvenir?)  

Next a tram ride back into town after what was strangely a really fun night…. thanks to everyone who came.

                    We definitely saw one ghostly apparition in this camera shot


and quite a few orbs.. ….   this on the ceiling being one of them…!!!!

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