July Meeting Notice

Our next members meeting will take place on Wednesday July 1st, commencing at 7.30pm as usual, and that is the only part of the evening that will be like any other members meeting !!
Training Officer Richard has organised a demonstration of some of the fire extinguishers that we all have in our vehicles, and that will take place outside near the oval next door. This will be a very informative session, particularly for anyone who has never experienced an extinguisher being used before.
Following the fire extinguisher demo, we plan to have a long supper. There will also be a display of DIY LED camping lights with the intention of having another bulk order for parts and lights as we did last year. There will be a couple of spare tyres for people to have a go at using tyre deflators such as the popular ARB brand that a lot of members already have.
The Trip Notice Board will of course be on display, and this will be a great opportunity to have a chat with Trip & Events Co-Ordinator Pat about your ideas for future trips.
To make up for the fact that you will not have to sit and listen to the President for a couple of hours, I would ask everyone to bring a contribution to the supper. I may even have a prize for the best “plate” on the night. Supper crew will still be required so please check the roster on the website to check if you are “on duty”.
I look forward to seeing you all there.
Peter Cole
Mitsubishi4WD Owners Club of WA

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