Happy (Big) Valley Trip Report – 2017

Trip Leader : Dave and Sue Morrison

Co Trip Leader:  Phil Wilton

Dates:   24 Nov 2017 to 26 Nov 2017

Main events on the Big Valley trip were as follows :

Members began arriving to the Big Valley Campsite, 46 Boronia Rd, Rosa Glen, during the week ending 25 November. Big Valley Caravan Park is a caravan park in the middle of a Margaret River working sheep farm.

There was nothing known to report from the journey or setting up camps. 29 Family memberships camped over for the weekend.

To inform members of the planned activities the camp’s whiteboard was borrowed to herald the Activity News. After 2 hours to remove the indelible request that all lights be turned off at the end of the day , a promise was made to management that in exchange for borrowing the whiteboard someone would stay behind at night to make sure the promise was kept..! A search was then made for a whiteboard marker , John found one and the planned activities were written for all members general information. It was then discovered that the white board marker from John was also a permanent marker, at the same time Roger arrived with the official club whiteboard and correct marker.

Roger thought this funny and after a drink ..so did I.

Friday at 5.00 pm was sundowner and arrangements had been made for music and pizzas. The general consensus was that the music was OK but a bit noisy , which really is the purpose of having music particularly as most of the average age group on the Big Valley Trip are  a bit hard of hearing , no offence intended. The pizza food could , to be polite ,  have been better and maybe we should  look for something different next year… and have singing without a microphone !!

Saturday was trip day and briefing. The whiteboard needed significant crossing out and revision.      2 trips were arranged.

Brett went to the beach,  and “Got Lost Glenn” also went to the beach with lots of hamstring and calf damaging walks.

Brett may give his beach report separately.

“Got Lost Glenn” took 5 vehicles to 3 Bear Beach with his ‘minder’  Keith navigating.

A very pleasant coastal drive arriving at 3 Bear Point for a beach walk. Alison and Glenn took off along the beach and the rest of us collapsed in exhaustion out of the wind.


Whilst waiting for the return of Alison and Glenn an amazing sight was pointed out by Keith who declared he could see  the face of a bear in the rocks. Keith was excited. All the rest of us moved away and doubted the benefits  of the medication that Keith may or not have been on. When “Got Lost Glenn” turned up he was sent over to the excited Keith to look at the amazing visionary discovery. Keith and Glenn then tried to identify the images of the 2 other bears in the rocks.

“Since  Three Bears Beach gets its name from the three peaks to surf, known as Baby Bear, Mama Bear and Papa Bear not really sure where trip leader and navigator were tripping.      Baby Bear breaks up the northern end of the beach and is a gentler wave than Mama & Papa. Mama Bear is in the middle of the beach. Papa Bear is at the southern end of Kabbijgup Beach, breaks further out and is the heaviest wave of the three.”

Once we had all settled down we made it back to the vehicles for a short trip to have lunch.

Saturday night was Club Dinner and thanks to all who provided stuff to accompany the members cooked meat. The music started after dinner and by general consensus was appreciated. The evening was also a celebration of Roger’s birthday and Jan turned a blind eye to Roger and his desire to sing and dance to his signature tune “Hey Big Spender”.

Sunday the coffee van arrived, much to Roger’s delight , and thanks to others on the camp we met the clubs KPI and so no extra funds were used. Coffee was very good , again by consensus.

Golf was played over the weekend , not strictly according to the rules laid out by the Royal and Ancient founding fathers. Keith starred in our group playing a sort of army type game with his ball going left- right – left – right etc.   Highlight and subject to more excitement was a hole in one on the 9th hole by Alison , which she insisted I mention and record.

Sunday night for those that remained was a quiz night , thanks to Paul for MC’ing. For those interested… team 4 won with teams 3 , 2 and 1 following. From a report from table 4,  Keith correctly answered most of the questions.!

So looking back on the trip it would seem to have featured Keith in nearly all the events and he said he had had  a very very good weekend.

Monday was my job to return the managers whiteboard to pristine condition so having tried CRC , double strength washing liquid and other agents all unsuccessfully. I tried Napisan and all the indelible printing came off , which make one think why the marker was stated as  indelible.

All in all a good camp and many thanks to the members and Happy Valley facilities.

Trip report :  Phil Wilton

Added Comment: Editor’s Assistant

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