Trip Leader: Michael Gilbert

When: 16th December 2012

Location: Lancelin WA 6044

Participants: Carl Burgess, Nick & Marco D’Andrilli, Peter & Deearne Fisher, Mark Heard & Emma , Barbara & Ellen, Rick & Debra Marshall, Paul Minchinton & Julie, Talija, Sharli, Izzy & Maddi, Michael Tingey & Mel, James & Bronwyn Woolcock, Rick Lazar, Chelsea & Maddi, Piers Marmoy, Peter Knox, Peter & Tanya Nicol & Jamie-Lee & Ashley, George Margaron?Marc, Sebastian & Selena, Marion Gilbert.

All 14 cars met at the Lancelin bakery in time to take off for a day of sand, sand and more sand. 
On arrival at start of the sand dunes tyres were aired down and off we set.
After a short way along the beach it was obvious that the conditions were not conducive to 14 cars traveling safely (already cars from another convoy were bogged) so we exited at the next available spot and started our trek.
It was not long before the local ranger crossed our path and tried desperately to reach the front of the convoy…….Michael !!!  We stopped at the bottom of the dunes a short distance further on. The ranger proceeded to tell us we were on Private Property.  
Where the sign was no one knows ????
First hill onto the dunes some vehicles had a little trouble, but one visitor Carl….. not only had trouble getting up he also burst a water pipe trying.  His car remained there until it was retrieved after lunch.
Another casualty of the day was when Mark & Emma in their Ford Ranger became wedged between a downhill slope and a sand dune. Many men tried very hard to rescue the wedged vehicle and after 4 max tracks and going backwards and forwards, and much digging, the vehicle and the cars behind made their way to the lunch area, which apart from a few dune buggys driving past was a very pleasant & sheltered spot.
Peter and Deearne needed an early departure so after showing them the way out, it was then a rescue mission for Carl’s car.
Meanwhile fun and excitement carried on at the dunes with one car losing its tyre, though was not a problem to refit.
The day ended with us all perched on top of the highest sand dune over looking LANCELIN. 
Group photo taken and all participants headed home at their leisure.

Marion Gilbert

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