Leeman Environmental Day with Tending the Tracks alliance

Trip No: 528

Trip Leaders: Bruce and Judith Brinkley
Date: 7th & 8th November 2020
Volunteers: Mitsi Club: Sue & Steve Clark, Cath & Bob Stuart, Phil Burton, Peter Macgill & Lynn Phillips and Michael Lake. Visitors: Bill Clarke, environmentalist & 4WDer Wedge island Shackies, &  Richard Cooper,  All Tracks 4WD Club President.

Meeting spot was Billy Goat Bay just south of Milligan’s Island Campground.  Coorow Shire Council  allow us to camp here on a weekend we are volunteering for the benefit of the Shire. All from Perth arrived Friday night ready for a Saturday 8:30am briefing.

Prior to airing down and driving to the intended remediation site, Coorow Shire Ranger Tim Gilbertson firstly took us  to see brushing we did in previously and to observe the changes.

The track through this chopped out dune to access the beach is only a couple of hundred metres along from the easy sustainable track out of the south end of Leeman township.

This same now corner covered in brush where seeds will drop or blow in from adjacent plants. Regrowth will commence without need for expensive planting of seedlings.


It was gratifying to see that the large brushing we dragged there in March 2020 to block the entrance, has been left in place. The dune area now will have a chance to regenerate.
The beaches are still accessible with spaced access points, but not multiple tracks  at times only a few metres apart.

Walking another track to be closed and brushed in the future and the huge brushed sandblow to the right of it that was the original track.  We are 4WDers. We all love accessing and driving along beaches.  But accessing via tracks that have not been achieved by bush bashing over dunes.


September 2019 we dragged trailer loads of brushing up high dunes. March 2020 we dragged bigger pieces of cut brush to cover and block.  This time it was so easy!

Using chain saws we simply had to harvest the brush from adjacent bush and throw to the track. The cut trunks are only one season away from producing soft green regrowth.  This soft brush was piled up along the sides of a portion of the Leeman to Green Head track where there was evidence of  potential sand blows.

Heading to the work site .


Image of the Green Head – Leeman track



Job done. Track sides for a couple of metres in have been brushed up and over the hill.

After the morning’s effort we headed to the Green Head Cafe and Gallery for coffee and to meet up with Deb O’Brien owner and one of the local Coast Care group.
A free afternoon then of whatever was appealing:
beach, walk, swim, sleep, drive to Leeman or Point Louise.
Happy Hour at the Macgills camp and  ready for Sunday’s 4WD trip

Lake Logue led by  Ranger Tim to where the historic brumbies hang out at this time of the season. Or don’t hang out.!

Those in the front, as usual, saw emu , kangaroo, and the tail ends of some brumbies as they disappeared into the trees on the other side of the dry Lake.

Those behind, as usual, just listened to the radio comments and exclamations .

Then on to “ The Tombstones”. ??    Nambung National Park have their Pinnacles.
Lake Logue Nature Reserve has its Tombstones. Why not..!

Mornos here, lunch Stockyard Gully for those of us who hadn’t seen the  historic stock route site for overnight containment of a herd.
Back to camp for some of us to pack up and drive the 3 hours  home.

As Phil said “This weekend I feel like we achieved something, and with about the right amount of effort”. … he means he wasn’t completely exhausted after the weekend’s work.

All agreed.

Trip Report: Judith Brinkley



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