Leschenault Inlet

Trip Leader:   John King

When:   Easter 9th – 12th April 2004

Location: Leschenault Inlet

Participants: We were 6 vehicles:  The Kings, the Hills with two delightful grand-sons Matthew and Damien, Gosneys, Otways, Brombergers and potential members the Freegards.

Good Friday 9th April 2004

We were 6 vehicles in all on the Leschenault Inlet Trip.  Those taking part were the Kings, Hills with two delightful grand-sons Matthew and Damien, Gosneys, Otways, Brombergers and potential members the Freegards.

 We all met at Buffalo Road at 11.00am and everyone was there early.  John K. (trip leader) led us all along Buffalo Road until we turned into the park at the John Boyle O’Reilley notice board.  We all got out of our vehicles and read the fascinating history of JBO’R. We went through the CALM padlocked gate, to  get to our little camping spot at Tuart Grove which took about half an hour.  We stopped the cars and walked to the camp spot and spent a good deal of time discussing who would go where, and what priority/seniority people had in requesting where they wanted to go to enjoy the scenic view over the water.
Eventually we were all settled in and then it was lunchtime, taken at the H.Q. spot which was a nicely situated picnic bench and seats with water views.  Top Spot.  At 4.00pm John K. led a drive around the area. Dot and Maxine stayed at the camp to keep watch!   We went along the track through two sets of padlocked gates to to The Cut and got out to look at a huge barge coming out of Bunbury.  The trip leader got stuck, testing to see whether he had to have the diff lock on but soon got out of difficulty.  On the way back we saw several kangaroos.
 Once back at camp, showers were had while it was still light.  Then the usual Happy Hour which went on much longer.  We then all went and cooked our dinners and most people had theirs around the HQ picnic table.  By 9.30pm everyone was ready for bed, having had early starts that morning.
The moon made a wonderful appearance over the water with a shining pathway lit up all the way across to Australind. Magic!
 Sue Bromberger.
Saturday 10 April 2004
The Sun rising over the estuary with Dots 2 Grandchildren silhouetted on the jetty.  Steaming hot cuppa & early morning birdsong – (though not all of us heard the early birds did we Sue?) All had a leisurely morning walking fishing crabbing – some had fresh fish for lunch and we had a friendly dolphin darting about close to shore right at campsite. After lunch (with Warren in his 5th set of clothing for the day!) we set about for an hour or so on the beach and car park clean-up for C.A.L.M. Lazed about generally having a “hectic” time for the remainder of the day. It was such a noisy camping area by the water, what with the sound of the birds and lapping of the waves, you couldn’t hear yourself think!! Happy hour saw “fresh crab-legs” on the table – the 2 boys had done a great job with the crabbing. The day was topped off with a quiz night organized by John and Rosalie, first prize being taken out by Maxine & Warren.
Maxine & Jeff Otway
Sunday 11th April
 Another beautiful day dawned on the Leschenault  peninsular and most people decided to take life quietly.  However following a very nice morning tea of home made scones, (thank you Maxine) jam and cream,   Sue & John , and Roger  and Jan  decided to take a trip around the Dardanup area.  John was team leader, and Roger Tail end Charlie!  The trip started along Cathedral Drive and then headed inland.  The agricultural areas were served in some places by a concrete lined canal which must have gone on for some kilometers, which probably played a big part in the prosperous looking orchards, vineyards and small cattle breeding farms. 
The scenery was beautiful, and a picnic lunch was enjoyed at the top of a high view point where the view to the ocean was quite spectacular.  Following lunch we set off for the Wellington Dam via  the Ferguson Valley  where we deviated to cross a creek on a pretty old wooden bridge .  Back on track we  drove along the Mr. Lennard scenic drive and decided how lucky we were not to be squashed into the camping site along the river with the many campers there.
 We arrived ‘home’ via Picton at about 5.00 pm and joined everyone else for happy hour where a lively exchange of the days events took place.
Day 4. Monday 12 April
 Reg, Matthew and Damon were up soon after 6am to go fishing at the ‘Gap’. Some of us heard them leave and then rolled over to get a bit more sleep. By mid morning everyone was up, had breakfast and been for their last walks in the bush or along the water front. The fishermen returned, with the usual stories about the ones that got away, and the certainty that next time there will be plenty of fish where they had been. Packing up commenced and during that time there was an opportunity for everyone to get together for a tea/coffee/cake break, to get the last few pictures and to go over some of the events of the last few days.
 At noon everyone was ready to move off, goodbyes and thanks were passed to each other and it was agreed our time on the Leschenault Peninsula was a happy and relaxing experience.

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