Logging Track

Trip Leader: Malcolm Harrison

Location: Nanga Mill, Dwellingup

All trippers assembled at the Dwellingup information area. This time the last to arrive wasn’t delegated Trip Note Writer but was assigned Tail End Charlie. First time for Henry and Denise but a very good learning curve with procedural help offered when needed.
Group gathered. A good mix of seasoned and newbies….trip leader Malcolm asked all the required questions & then it came to “do you all have compressors ” the surprising answer was “yes ..but still in their boxes!”
So it promised to be the fun learning experience that Malcolm was aiming for.
Started onto Nanga road, aired down at Nanga Camp, then Malcolm and Trish led us directly into the bush. One of the problems with bush is that it continues to grow after a trip has been planned…so there was some unexpected side scratching at the first.
Once through that baptism to 4WDriving, the tracks opened and most difficult sections had alternate paths. The route took us in a long GPS guided loop through Dwellingup Forest and
back to the Nanga Mill car park for airing up.This was a perfect trip for the new members
and visitors though the small anthill tells a story.. When a vehicles needs lifting.
This trip got everybody over their first “oh no the car is scratched” and onto the “hey lets go watch everyone try to get through the tough bits”. ….preferably without scratches tuning into dents.
Some of the new members had been a little apprehensive of what a 4WD trip entailed. Malcolm’s ‘grading level’ of this trip reassured that a 4WD drive doesn’t automatically mean a locked and lifted experience. This trip showed you can just go and watch someone else do the hard bits if you want.
We came up to Malcolm at one stage with directional hand waving and speaking into the two way….except his handheld radio kept realigning to another channel and was silent to us….It just shows that good hand directions can be very effective too.
There was a smelly bog to go through…or around.. Those who opted for smelly didn’t realise smell was actually a ‘stink’ that stayed.
Tracks took us through some high cuttings …Craig explained we were actually driving along the route of old logging train tracks. Cuttings had been dug through rises to keep the trains running fairly level instead up and over.
Where logs blocked the track we drove around through bush or over where it allowed.
An interesting item from Craig who’s family lived in and around the area..a cure for diarrhoea is to dissolve some of the red sap off the marri trees into warm water. Drink it and diarrhoea goes.
At one stage we missed a turn. Trish claimed Malcolm’s pre-tripped breadcrumbs trail must have been eaten by drop bears, so half the convoy had to back up and find the tight squeeze around a log, then and back on the GPS route. As the tailenders arrived to the area, Malcolm
could be heard instructing a car through a challenging group of ruts.. This section required “track maintenance” to get Murray’s Delica through comfortably.
Craig’s definition of through is a bit different to our definition…While we’re all being guided over the straddle, he chose to test the resilience of his newly replaced tyre and plowed his whells straight up the middle of the rut. All good entertainment..and novel for the new members who had not ventured off road before.
We lost Tail End Charlie one time. Perfect example of not following procedure. The corner wasn’t marked for him. A red flash noticed in a mirror as the car shot passed the turning and a quick call on the two way got them back.

Morning tea was had about lunchtime and lunch was quite a bit later as Malcolm had headed for an area he knew where there was plenty of shaded room to circle our chairs, talk and rest.. After lunch a bit of track widening was needed, Bruce with his saw, one of the young lads with a saw and Denise with her Leatherman!!!

Onto Drivers Rd I think it was and to the camp car park. By then we were all very ready to head home. A great day.

Judith Brinkley

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