Lucky Bay Kalbarri – March 2021

Trip Number 535

Kalbarri Lucky Bay

11th March to 13th March 2021

2 Members and 1 Visitor

We aimed to enjoy the camping facilities at the Kalbarri National Park Camp Ground adjacent Lucky Bay. As the trip only had two vehicles, 3 persons we decided to enjoy the relaxing aquatic activities of swimming, fishing and 4WD exploring the beach south & the Lucky Bay Lagoon North of the exit entry to the beach from the camp ground.

While the Kalbarri precinct has the following attractions – the Murchison Gorge has the Sky walk lookout and 4WD tracks to explore along the Murchison River, the Kalbarri National Park has its own attractions. Patrick and Visitor travelled on to Kalbarri to enjoy these activities on Sunday the 14th March 2021.

The participants decided to first explore the beach south from the Camp Ground beach entry /Exit, travelling in convoy for 4.5 kms to survey the beach and surf conditions. Identified the exit from the beach to camp ground, travelled 2km north to the Lucky bay lagoon and adjacent sand dunes.

Thursday afternoon we swam and fished the southern end of the Lagoon. Fished the Friday and Saturday morning when the wind was easterly which then turned southerly in the afternoon, on Friday morning the fish we caught were small, predominately Sand Whiting with one Dart. Saturday morning with fishing rigs adapted for the small fish, we had fun landing double headers of sand whiting, although there is no size limit on sand whiting, it was catch and release

We also had a swim Thursday afternoon, the surf was moderate, the water was crystal clear and pleasantly warm) – the wind conditions predominantly were the same conditions as Perth, benign easterly morning wind, ideal beach conditions, in the afternoon the wind turned to a fierce southerly, to avoid being sand blasted on the beach, people vacated the beach back to camp.

There were many campers coming and going daily, some with 20ft dual axle vans, to camp in the designated caravan bays, there were communal recreation shelters with seats & tables and not so far away long drop ablutions, modern, recently installed stainless steel and very clean, all the facilities were modern.

Due to the severity of the after noon southerly the beach conditions changed overnight with the shifting sands, the visible 4WD tracks from the morning traffic were covered and left some very soft sand drifts – I didn’t recognise one not far entering on to the beach and without momentum got bogged to the chassis, the sand was soft, dry & easily shovelled, with a team effort using 4WD recovery boards, the Pajero was easily reversed off the drift to continue to the Lagoon fishing spot. That was the only incident for the trip, running our tyres on 18lb pressure.

For me was the pleasant social company in the evening, having a fishing companion, catching fish and sharing the experience with Patrick, swimming in a very comfortable temperature sea water.

Discussions with the beach campers by the Lagoon, sharing their local experience camping and fishing in the Lagoon area, a few had kayaks or very small dingeys, to facilitate fishing outside the reef in the open ocean, their objective was 15kg+ mackerel.

I would like to go again to explore the fishing options, except stay a few days longer.

Michael L, Trip Leader

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