Murchison House Station – Easter Trip 2019

TRIP LEADER: Dave Morrison

DATE:  19th –




Murchison Campsite


Friday 19th April

Most of the group arrived on the Friday by 2pm there was 7 cars in all. Don and Jean Swift made a roast dinner for all as they had arrived on the Thursday. It was great to get to camp after the 7-hour drive, set up, and have our dinner cooked for us!! We all enjoyed it – Thanks again Jean and Don.
After a bit of a yarn most people headed off to bed fairly early in anticipation of the adventures ahead tomorrow.

Saturday 20th April

Saturday dawned bright and early, with the promise of plenty of sunshine. As some members had not been to Murchison Station he agreement was following breakfast we would head out to Town Beach for morning tea. Following an easy drive along sandy tracks we arrived at Town Beach were people went for a wander to take in the great view and take the opportunity to photograph the Murchison River and Kalbarri town.




It was then time for a challenge so we journeyed onto Castle Rock which the name doesn’t really apply to as there is no rocks rather a very very soft, steep sandy track which required tires to be deflated down to 20psi  otherwise as was discovered you can become bogged.


But with a little help from your friends we are all soon back on our way.

We returned to camp about 2pm and people took time to relax and some headed into Kalbarri to find a coffee


Saturday night we headed into Kalbarri and went to the iconic Finlay’s BBQ for great food and fantastic company in a quirky place











… it is not on the main road in Kalbarri, but don’t be put off by its location it is well worth a visit.

Murchison House Station – Day 3 Sunday April 21st

The day started off with the thumping of rabbits (Easter Bunnies) around the campsite – Easter eggs deliveries for all – yum! Tutula Well campground was not forgotten!

As organised the previous night we all met at 09:30 to explore the Station – 6 vehicles in total. Some of us have been here before and for others it was their first time at MHS.

discussed ideas of where to go and decided to head up the middle of the station and then head west to the coast and south back to camp.


Our convoy of 6 vehicles line up with trip leaders Dave and Paul and with Mark and Vicky as Tail End Charlies.

wasn’t long before we were at the colloquially named ‘jump up’ – about a 50 sudden steep rise in the landscape – Toolonga Hill. This would be quite a challenge in the winter as the gullies attest a huge amount of water must flow down this hill. The views from the top were amazing.

We decided to head to Gee Gei outcamp for our lunch break and one wrong turn took us to Tick Well – strangely enough no one alighted from their vehicles. We missed a hidden turnoff! A quick look at the map and on our way again and finally made it to the outcamp.

Gee Gei outcamp in its previous lifetime was a self contained tin house with water, fireplace, trees and cattle yard – you can imagine the history. This was a very interesting place – we all had lunch and a meander, lots of photos taken too.

After we had lunch we formed up the convoy again and set off for the coastal shack – the name sounded interesting. Along the way we encountered fencing wire across the tracks and unfortunately Mark and Vicky found some wound around the rear axle – 5 minutes later and all is good again.

The last of the track near the coast was quite steep and boggy. Dave suggested the convoy stay back while he checks out the track condition. Where are you Dave? As it turns out the track was boggier than expected on the way back and Dave’s forward momentum ceased! Max tracks out, lockers in and a gentle tug from Muzz and we are back on track again. The remainder of the shack was just some foundations. Next, Dave’s fuel light came on and only 25kms back to camp – this is always an anxious situation with unknown tracks ahead. Tail end Charlie (Mark and Vickie) became the new trip leaders with the rest of us following with left/right directions coming for Dave.

We eventually made it back to camp safe and sound at about 16:00 – a slightly longer day than planned but very enjoyable –we  just made it back in time for happy hour which was followed by Jaffles around the fire at Mark’s and Vickie’s camp.

Another fun packed day in our Aussie backyard – Thanks Dave and fellow campers.

Glenn Bignell.

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