News Behind the Meeting March 2015


News Behind the Meeting: March 2015

AGM went smoothly and quickly….with all formalities and acceptances of reports planned and choreographed prior to the night.

The President’s annual report for 2014 – 2015 was given by Peter and will be available on both website and coming magazine.
Tony Weldon (a member since 1990) applauded Peter Cole for his presidential year and all the work he has undertaken ensuring the club stays both active and headed in a sound direction.

The Treasurer gave her financial report.. and it’s good to know we are still a very viable association with financial “room to move” for the coming year.
Bridget advised a further $4000 had been set aside for expected equipment replacement this year.
Thanks were given to Muntz and Partners for their ongoing yearly auditing of accounts.

A request was put out to members… worthwhile ideas on how to use some of the funds would be welcomed… ideally by either presenting ideas to one of the Committee, or to come to a committee meeting and present the idea personally.

Don Swift asked if there were plans to spend the excess funds. Peter responded that the annual budget is in current process of being planned and will be discussed down the track.

Keith asked the members to accept Bridget’s report and to be thankful that her term was not to finish that night. Bridget keeps easy to understand and accurate records.

Roger then adopted the role of Returning Officer as various positions in the Club and Management Committee were declared vacant, and the Rules of Association were followed.

Dave and Sue Morrison gave thanks to the outgoing committee for their “behind the scenes” quiet achievements in keeping meetings running smoothly.

Presidency is to remain with Peter Cole.
After many years John King has passed over “the Secretarial Quill” and Harvey Hatch has assumed the important role of Secretary. John and Rosalie will now be free to do more travelling.
Webmaster to be Paul Ryan.
Magazine to remain with Martin.
Insurance Officer Murray Hudson
Training Officer Richard King to remain.
Environment Officer was put to the floor but handed in for future negotiations.

After the March 18 Committee Meeting the assistants will be announced.

The AGM was officially closed. After a short break the new officers assumed their positions …which pretty much meant sat back down in their same seats … except for Harvey.

This is the Club’s 30th Anniversary Year.

January: Cheynes Beach Trip Leader: Martin Archer
No photos as the thumb drive Martin handed over to the IT guys apparently had a few movies on it.. just no photos of the Trip. Though Martin did say that because it was very much a laid back, do nothing, go nowhere, time away.. not many exciting photos were taken. Contemplating navels, or kettles boiling on the campfire, is definitely a sound reason for a Club Trip.
Martin did let us know of Waychinup Beach. It’s a nearby excellent spot for camping too, great beach, no van access, only campsites and a 4WD needed to access it. ie not quite so populated.

February: Lancelin Trip Leader: Neil Hewer.
Great fun for all…with memories continuing long after as sand kept falling from parts of the car for days after. Neil said it was the quietest he’s seen the “traffic” on the dunes. Four of the trippers had never experienced dune driving before. Sue not only drove 4WD’ing for the first time, she also had a a great time doing all the dune driving.
Pat, true to form, buried his DMax 3 times. Good teaching experience for the newcomers… not the burying, but the getting out!!!
To the accompaniment of laughter and heckling, Rick Lazar told us how, using a butane cigarette lighter, to reseal a tyre that’s lost it’s seal…method not to be repeated here… plus tongue in cheek admonishments from Paul “not to try this at home”.


March 22nd Gnangara Park Gary Izzard / Pat O’Dowd
With apologies but I was distracted when this was discussed.

March 29th Up The Murray with Paul Ryan
Paul said the purpose of the trip is to have fun!! Members and visitors are invited, and so far there are 28 cars signed up. Paul advised the most interesting bit of the day is ‘he doesn’t know any trees in WA large enough to fit 28 cars underneath for mornos and lunch’.
Maybe we can do it in timed sittings?? parkings??
Next advice Paul gave was that there would be NO mornos because it would take us three hours to get moving… !
A request for those going, for those who have them, to take awnings… and food for laps for mornos.


April 2nd Lucky Bay Guy Lehmann
Guy will email participants directly. Guy requested if anyone has the way points for the turnoff could they please email them to him. Great.. The Trip Leader doesn’t know where he’s going. ( I think he’s still trying remember where he turned last time)
Lucky Bay is north of Geraldton….somewhere…but it’s definitely not the Lucky Bay down south.

Holland Track …for those unfamiliar with the Holland Track conditions ( and when Bruce and I joined up we had no idea where it was, let alone what the conditions could be like…)

If it is or has been raining.. then it’s definitely a members only trip which is Pat’s Trip.. but Peter Cole has accommodated that eventuality for his Holland Track group in having an alternative “venue” to explore just in case… hence visitors welcome to join.
We personally have been along the track twice now but each time it was dry and still a very interesting route to go.
Interesting too in that you can see why in the wet it is for experienced drivers only.

April 3rd Holland Track Pat O’Dowd
Members Only. This trip will go from West to East.

April 3rd Holland Track Peter Cole
Visitors welcome. Starting off at Heyden on Good Friday.. at a time to allow for comfortable travel from Perth.
1st night camp Mt Holland
2nd night camp Cat Camp
3rd night camp Thursday Rock then on to Coolgardie and back to Perth on Easter Monday.
By adhering to the ‘3 nights only’ rule for visitors, definitely a good trip for visitors to enjoy.

…and a comment from one of the members that…4WD Club, Toyota 4WD Club and Adventure Offroad are all heading to the Holland Track… It all adds to the experience..!

April 25th Ninghan Station Eddie Chalk
A long weekend of driving and camping. $10 a night to be on the station. Interesting place to visit 5 hours north east of Perth. The club has been there many times and there are still many places to explore.

May 17th Mundaring Powerlines Rick Lazar
Level 4 Members Only
It’s in “Trips out of Perth” book. History in the Hills is it’s other name. All difficult sections have side tracks for those who don’t want to participate in the locked and lifted parts.
Dry versus Wet..? totally different animals according to Rick.

Future : Madigan Line Malcolm Harrison / Pat O’Dowd
No Date yet. May to September 2016 or 2017
Asking for expressions of interest. 10 days on the track itself.
No trailers. Need spare shockies / 2 wheels.
800 Sand dunes.
Starts Mount Dare, Oodnadatta on edge of Simpson Desert.

Rick Lazar called out… “Pat! There are 800 sand dunes..and you get stuck on every one..! How long do you think you’ll take?”


March 21st Herdsmans Lake Tavern Jan Freegard
‘Pre- tripped’ by Roger and Jan..!

Club Buying Group
Judith: Stainless Steel fully moulded Thermal mugs with Club logo etched. List on the Trip board for orders. Up to 30+ by end of night.

John King: asked if anyone saw the Television program previous night.. To remove ticks …Buy from Chemist an instant freeze used on warts and skin tags.

Linda: 1/ Pls contact her if you’d like a free iron on badge of the 4WD Association of WA.
2/ 7th March. 9am – Noon. Kaarakin: Need help at the Kaarakin Busy Bee. Morning tea provided.
14th 15th June: Kaarakin: Need help to spread mulch and sand day. Peter Cole promised Mitsubishi Club will cover that day.

Steve Delides: Offering his “entry level” 4WD for sale. Phone him.

Information: DEFES advise that it is mandated that recreational 4WD’s are not to be used in a fire ban area.

Neil Hewer: Raised the question of the viability of defibrillator batteries. Discussion followed from those who are familiar with defibs that batteries will outlast the use of the units.

Peter Fry: A Recall Challengers and automatics of towing heavy vehicles.
Martin: A Recall Pajeros re possible Timing Chain failure 2007 – 2014 vehicles.

Raffle Draw, Supper and Close.

Next Meetings: Committee March 18th
Members Meeting April 1 (Wed night before Easter break)

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