News Behind the Meeting June 2015

Peter announced. “No President’s report…nothing new worth reporting as our Club’s News Column and Facebook keep everyone up with the latest.”

Once Peter Fry had welcomed some more new members, they introduced themselves to the filled Club room.
“ ’07 Paj. Thanks for accepting me”
“Paul and Sandra…we want to go anywhere you want to take us”
And Steve Maxwell who accepted his 3 badges on behalf of himself, his wife and his son. He said he has a 2013 Paj. Loves the car and is very new to 4wding.

Level 1 Training: Richard King
17th June in Manning Rd club rooms. The training is now open to visitors who are intending to join as well as new members and all needing refreshing. It will be a fun and informative night.

Pat O’Dowd : Holland Track Trip Report from Easter
He showed the slideshow photos of the trip …..and his muddy slide and show what not to do by becoming attached to a very sloppy, muddy rut…except the photo showed a lovely clean driver Pat…and someone else lying in the mud..! Hmmm. Good delegation there.
Then a photo of another stuck in mud…didn’t catch who that was.
Next photo was of our intrepid travellers de-mudding in some clean rain puddles….or were they truly just paddling.?

Brinkley’s Warriedar Homestead WA Day Weekend Trip
Bruce explained the slideshow while Judith interspersed with extra “elaboration” and changed photos for him.! A dual act.

Upcoming Baden Powell trip Murray River to fence line to Yarloo was detailed by Brett Anderson. Details on the Calendar.

Bridget spoke of the 7-9th August Camp Oven Cooking Demonstration Weekend
CampSite is owners property between Dongara and Geraldton
Max 13 only 4 spots left.
To travel Friday. Intention to campover on the way up and to be there ready for the 3pm Saturday cook lesson start. Fees are involved per person for both lessons and campsite.
Bridget said her intention is to organize within our group to cook diverse food so our Saturday night feast is “outstanding”.
Sunday we’ll be shown how to cook scones before we leave.
Bring our own camp ovens and ingredients. The weekend cook-off is for our group only.
Details on the Calendar

Stella detailed their upcoming “Wildflower” Trip for this year.
Leave Friday to base ourselves in Dalwallinu. 3 nights away.
She was advised by locals the free camp option not a good idea locally if camp sites are to be left unoccupied when going sight seeing…..Kalannie, Rocky outcrops, rabbit fence and Wildflowers of course. The dates planned so as to miss the local festival and not to be tied up in the thousands of people who come, but to still enjoy the area at the right time of year. Meeting Sawyer Valley on the Friday. Details on the Calendar.

June 28 .. Boyagin Rock with Peter Cole
Sunday day trip
Details on the Calendar

Important we participate : Kaarakin clean up.
We’ll be making Tree guards.
Repairing? Removing? metal mesh around some aviaries.
Equipment to bring:
Name badges, pliers, ring spanner, strong gloves, Bolt cutters for steel mesh, Angle grinder battery one if available
Brinkley’s bringing their generator for 240v tools. Extension cords.
Metal rakes, long handle shovels.
9am gates open not before
They’ll provide mornos.

Next Members meeting will be different..
Fire extinguisher demonstration and information night.
Peter and Rob will also be showing the D.I.Y. LED lights info.

Buying Group: Judith spoke about the successes and not so:
Fire-pits are now in a second round of purchase.
The mugs have had mixed reactions. Some totally happy with quality and performance others not so. To be followed up.
Tyrepower. Some deals have been accepted and tyres now on vehicles.
Tyrepower have offered our club members a personalised card for use at their outlet. To be followed up.

John King has made benefit to the club from the sale of this year’s entertainment booklets. Those who sold booklets went into a draw for a bottle of wine. Archer’s won.

After this meeting, as Karen has shown how to operate the new dishwasher at the Senior Cit’s clubhouse, all we have to do is stack the unit and turn on before we leave.

Peter Cole discussed the current position regarding the Gas cookers recently recalled from sale. The event that precipitated the banning from sale initially in NSW was a user who died while cooking in his caravan.
Fair Trading have banned the single burner from sale BUT not banned FROM USE.
Statistically there are 500,000 in WA alone and millions and millions in use around the world.
There were rumours circulating that Parks and Wildlife Rangers will be monitoring these in National Parks. As these Rangers have more work and demands on their time than they can currently handle, it is not expected for them to be monitoring how people are cooking their meals while in the parks.
Contradictorily one can still buy dual burner as these were not listed in the ban.
“twice as much bang?” someone called out from the room.

Peter then showed the butane cans that are safer to use.
CRV safety cans South Koreans been making for years. The older style give a catastrophic explosion. . The CRV manufactured construction give more of a controlled release of an explosion. Still badly burnt but not blown apart..
Peter read off the sticker on his cooker all the comprehensive warnings and the instructions of how not to use them, and all of the causes of the current banning were well stated.
Simply they were misused by the operators. The stoves can still be purchased overseas.

He then showed an attachment he’s had for a long time that can be a way to use up all the old style cans without using them in stoves…. an adaption to make creme brûlée, start campfires, burn weeds in the paving? About $6 -$7 on eBay.

Cans in themselves are safe. The incorrect use of the can is the issue.

Believe it or not all of the previous meeting was covered in about an hour and a half and Webmaster Paul offered to “waffle on” till supper was ready.
He and I.T. Rob demonstrated the latest innovations on our webpage that make it even easier for our members to navigate around the site.
There is a new “Members button” at the top of Home Page.
This page IS open to view and some links are open to public BUT the Club and Member private links are definitely password only.
Intention is for us all to use the Facebook page if we have anything to sell.

Forum: David Igglesden wants to talk to anyone who has chipped a diesel. Contact him please. His contact numbers are on the Members List of course or through our Facebook.
David also offered tyres for sale.. Again contact him direct.

Pat then asked for us all to stand…then Ladies to sit. Then asked anyone who had a daughter, Step daughter etc etc to remain standing.
Then he reminded everyone of the upcoming Daddy and Daughter Lunch
Yes Pat…an action tells a thousand words..!

John Byworth away so Lyn conducted the raffle capably and alone. Archer’s night for prizes?

July 1 Next Members Meeting.
Please remember to bring a little amount of supper. ‘Many of’ but small amounts spread the load across the members ….and varies the supper menu too.!
Kitchen roster people are listed on the website. Please check it.
Peter reminded why Committee members aren’t on the roster (and spouses are) as they are always doing other tasks during the meeting helping things to function well.

August Members Meeting there will be a defibrillator demonstration.
For anyone who wants a spark in ther lives?
Tracy murmured “Isn’t that what tasers are for?”

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