News Behind the Meeting May 2015

The room was packed
Large numbers of “almost” members were attending and were introduced and welcomed by President Peter.

Dave Morrison was officially appointed as Environment Officer for the coming 2 years.

Peter Fry ( Membership ) inducted Glenn and Terry (in absentia) Cleaver to the Club.
Glenn introduced himself
and his car.. a “black naughty shorty”
his favourite place to be… “anywhere out bush”.
He’s ex army with lots of bush experience and a willingness to pass on his knowledge.
They are looking forward to a fun time in the club.


Richard King (Training) advised Wednesday June 17th as level 1 training night at the Manning Road rooms.
Compulsory for new members.
Richard also invited existing members to attend to get a refresher. There’s always something been forgotten from earlier training.

Paul (Webmaster) was next up to the mike to accompaniment of many heckles on the Jeep jacket he was wearing to stay warm..
“I bought a Jacket..!” he said…
and of course when he was President previously, he was driving a Land Cruiser… but no he only bought a jacket.

Paul then showed, on the projection screen, ably assisted by Rob on keyboard (not musical), the new ‘easy read’, ‘easy access’ trip calendar.

No longer do we need to create a trip flyer.. just email the details to the Trip Coordinator and he’ll do the rest.

The trip list is currently being worked on behind the scenes with Rob in I.T. to continue the streamlining.

Trip List order will change from alphabetical, to order of signing up.. always keeping in mind keeping a balance of experience and member to visitor.

Answering questions of security..
Passwords need to be given to access Calendar details for anything more than just the trip leader’s email address.
The database gives information but does not allow intrusion to the club members’ details.

Martin (Editor) spoke then about using the DropBox for uploading info and photos.
DropBox has become difficult and general users have been advised its central services are being moved to Ireland…
Martin just wanted to let everyone know the “changes” aren’t his stuffing up the Dropbox..!!

In the interim, Martin has asked for items/photos to be sent directly to him at for uploading to the right place on the Club website.

The News section is updated as things come in. This is the place to send random items you know will be of interest to other members.

Comedy duo… Martin instructing Rob’s cursor scrolling .. “Up Rob Up! no too far.! Down Rob scroll down…”

He was trying to show us a little print option at the bottom of items.
So look for that if there’s an item you wish to print out…also for those who would prefer to hold their newsletter and print out exactly what you want.

Club’s Facebook site you can post anything you like as long as it’s 4WD related…”and socially acceptable”.

The Facebook site is proving to be a fun venue where members communicate (and chiack) others and their activities.

The News section on the website is more for club matters or formal information.

Trip Reports: Lucky Bay Easter Trip Guy spoke of Lucky Bay (between Geraldton and Kalbarri) at Easter. He advised if ever going there at Easter early arrival is needed to grab a spot for a larger group. Where he chose was 150m to the water for fishing, but 2km to the sheltered beach of Lucky Bay for swimming.
A very relaxing break..!
Guy is going again next year and will try to grab an area for about 10 camps.

North to South Holland Track Easter Trip will be shown next meeting.

South to North Holland Track Easter Trip was shown on slideshow. Because of the rain the local councils had closed their sections of the track. This resulted in all those cars unable to go bush, ending up in traffic line ups trying to get into Hyden township.
Not a consequence anticipated by the Councils.
Muddy entertainment on the track when they finally got there, and star billing was our President Trip Leader whose tyres slipped sideways off the high ridge in the middle of the track into the chasm on the side. His call over the 2 way…”I’m in a little bit of trouble”..

Apparently on the trip Peter was banned from ever saying “Camp is only 45 mins away..”
Everytime he said that something happened…the like of his mishap and another was providing phone communication for a family travelling the track with teenage daughter (no protective clothing) driving a quad bike, who came off and dislocated her shoulder.
The family had no form of emergency communication other than passers by.. who luckily was our club.
A bit more than 45 minute hold up and another object lesson in how not to travel the track.

On the way there was a vehicle in front of them towing a fixed axle caravan that creamed the highs in the middle of the track causing such a drag on the towing vehicle that it in turn had to exert excessive power (and track gouging) to drag it through.

It was a very busy trip.
First time many had seen waterholes filled on the tops of all the “rocks” along the way. Gnamma holes were filled.
The top of Thursday Rock was filled ….by teenagers.
Looking at the sights?
No.. Thursday Rock had phone coverage..!

At the end of the Report Glenn presented Peter with a framed memento for his wall.

Ninghan Station Trip Eddie also was not there so Peter, who had been with him on the trip, showed Eddie’s photos and talked through his presentation.
It’s on the website. Eddie’s Ninghan Station trip wasn’t a static one. They moved each night to a different interesting place.

One place nicknamed Amphitheatre Rock… a fantastic future campsite. GPS points on request.
In fact Eddie’s whole trip was waypointed for future use by anyone heading that way.
Eddie also will lead it again next year.


Rick Lazar: Powerlines trip May 17. Members only .Trip Full
Bruce Brinkley: Warriedar Friday 29th (or Sat 30th starts) 15 vehicles .. 10 taken up so far.
Bruce advised Wilbinga Cleanup May 17th. Bring gloves and tools.
Picnic at Wave Rock…June 21st
Brett Anderson Yarloo July 12th Meet at Dwellingup Info centre. will be good.

June 14th Kaarakin Clean Up .. Our club is involved. Please assist . We need numbers. This is one of the inescapable events we as a club must attend. Don’t have to stay start to finish. a couple of hours from everyone will suffice. Bring gloves and shovels and hammers. Scope of work is maintenance on the aviaries.

The mugs had arrived and were purchased after the meeting. The firepits also had arrived and were passed out to the buyers.

John King has dinner books on order.
John in a little aside told everyone of the enjoyment he had of this year’s watching as the black cockatoos make their seasonal visit to his backyard fence on route to their breeding grounds.

Brian stood and offered several books he was giving away. Also a number of unsold cookbooks.

Malcolm gave away an unused steel winch cable. (Snapped up by Steve Pike)

Linda raised subject of the supper roster. 5 families rostered. Only one turned up prepared and the others had not arranged substitutes.

Blaze Aid is working in Northcliff if anyone has spare time to help there. Malcolm explained how BlazeAid has progressed from bushfire help to flood and other disasters too.
He and Trish volunteered for a week to a drought stricken property in Julia Creek Qld… and stayed for six. They said the difference just knowing there is help, people who care, and having help offered was a considerable boost to the emotional wellbeing of the people living there.

Supper…of course. Quite a social night with many still chatting towards 11pm.

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