New Facebook Format

The club’s Facebook presence has been reorganised to make it more appropriate for club members to access club information.
There are two Facebook areas. One is called a ‘Secret Group’ and is named We’re Outward Bound. The other is a Facebook ‘Page’ in the club’s name Mitsubishi 4WD OWners Club of Western Australia.
Facebook allows people to join a group on Facebook which restricts all content to only those people in the group.
Members can post comments, images and videos to the group.
The group can also be used to buy and sell 4WD and camping related property. However, the person posting the ad must be the point of sale.
The content (anything you post into the group) can only be seen by the group members.
You can only be invited into the group by existing group members. Therefore if you want to join the group, use Facebook Messenger or email me your Facebook username and I’ll add you in.
Facebook Page is a means of promoting the organisation in the social network and can be seen by anyone on Facebook.
Some businesses use Facebook Pages as their corporate web site. However, the Mitsubishi Club Facebook Page is only used as a secondary web presence to the club’s main web site. Only designated people can post material to the page. The benefit of the page is that it is more readily visible to people who use Facebook.
Members can use the Facebook group to make comments on a trip, both before and after the trip. Use the group to upload images from the trips, however please restrict the number of images to just a handfull that best represent the trip.
Trip leaders can also post their trip report to the group. When a trip report has been posted it will be copied and edited to this web site by the Media Officer.
If you do not use Facebook, you can still email your trip reports and images to the Media Officer’s email
The Club Committee has introduced a policy for members using the club’s Facebook sites. The policy is as follows.

We’re Outward Bound Facebook Group
Terms and Conditions of use

• This group is set as a ‘secret’ group.
• Information posted in this group cannot be seen by anyone who is not a member of the group and cannot be shared outside of the group.
• By registering on this group your Faceboook username may be referenced within comments of any post within the group.
• Screen capture of posts within this group and re-posting on other sites is not permitted by group members with the exception of the group administrators.
• By posting comments or images in this group you are giving permission for the administrators to use the information on the club’s main web site and/or Facebook Page.
• Personal identification information will not be posted within the group (unless it is part of your own profile setting).
• Images and comments that are offensive, insulting or derogatory to others are not permitted and will be immediately deleted.
• General social posts not related to club activities are not permitted and will be deleted.
• Buy and sell posts are for items where the group member posting the item is the point of contact for sale.
• Posts advertising commercial discounts from anyone other than club sponsors or club members are not permitted.
• Members who contravene these rules may be removed from the group.
• Content acceptance is ultimately at the discretion of the club Media Officer or any delegated group administrator.

If you have any questions in relation to Facebook, please call or email me.

Media Officer

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