Trip 192 Adelaide Road in the Dry!

Trip Leaders Julie and Mark MYLES
March 10, 2017

Most of the trip participants met on the Friday at Big Valley Campground. Always a welcoming place, everyone settled quickly into their respective campsites. We headed out to Colonial Brewery around 6pm for an evening of cheap pizzas and cold ales. After the heat of Perth over the preceding days the chill of the Margaret River region came as a crisp surprise. Arriving back at Big Valley most trip participants sought the refuge of their vans/tents away from the cold wind.
The next morning, Saturday, Muzz and Rachael arrived, having stayed overnight near Mandurah. With professional ease their camper was up and sorted; the drivers meeting was called shortly afterwards.
Around 9am we headed out for the day, heading south east to the start of the Adelaide Road. This ‘Road’ is some 30kms, stretching from Sabina Road to the north to Denny Road to the south. The first section can be at best treacherous during the wet season, an area to avoid if you have any compassion towards your car. This area will not be attempted during the ‘Wet Trip’ later in the year. On this trip the road was remarkably dry, but showing without any doubt how things could change with some decent rains. The first challenge, crossing the northern tributary of the Margaret River, caught some by surprise.
A little renegotiation, obstacles were met and conquered. It would have been very clear to all, the width of this tributary in the winter season. The next challenge was the crossing of the upper reaches of Margaret River proper. With careful negotiation of the gnarled road the convoy met the challenge with fervour. Morning tea was called and a delightful bush setting designated as the rest area. Even this late in the season the bush was sprinkled with vividly coloured red flowers, contrasting with the unusually lush green bush, thanks to the recent unseasonal rains.
After morning tea we continued in a southerly direction along Margaret Road. This road is often an easy drive with challenging sections lurching from around unsuspecting corners. It is the kind of track that requires the full attention of drivers; fallen trees and thin spur tracks makes for interesting driving, carefully picking your way through tyre ‘Armageddon’. Unfortunately we were not to progress too much further.
After crossing the black top of Mowen Road we continued southward stopping to walk an interesting section of the road. This area has been driven many times by us and does deserve respect every time it is negotiated. A considerable time was spent considering the safest ‘lines’. Successfully completing the hardest section the first vehicle, met with unfortunate circumstances. Unable to continue under its own steam; it was only due to the amazing team effort, steered by Muzz, that the vehicle was recovered and towed back to camp.
So, unfortunately the Adelaide Road was not completed this time. The next trip has been rescheduled to Friday 7th July, 2017. An interesting drive with its challenges, but certainly not insurmountable. Adelaide Road, we will be back!

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