Trip 78 – White Hills to Myalup

December 13, 2015
Trip Report
by Brett and Julie

Leader: Brett Anderson
T.E.C. Pat O’Dowd
Brett Anderson (2)

We all gathered at the Miami Bakehouse at 0830 am for a 9.00 am leave. After a fill of pastries and coffee we had our pre-start briefing before leaving the car park and heading to Myalup. On the way the trip leader (me) nearly took a wrong turn. Piston broke moment. After that debacle we made it to Myalup Beach car park and aired down and toilet brake (public Toilet). We stopped just north of the car park and had mornos, photos and some had a quick wade in the ocean.

Brett Anderson (3)

We then made our way to Preston beach. Though the sand was soft there was no incident and we arrived at Preston beach car park (public toilet brake). We then drove just north of the car park and stopped for lunch, swim and a chat.
Brett Anderson (5)
At 1.30 pm the mean trip leader made us pack up and continue north to White Hills Rd. In this section of beach there was a steep slope and sections of beach where washed away but still passable.

Brett Anderson (6)

A few of the convoy had a little fun checking the throttle control and acceleration (physics). We came across a few fellow 4wders digging under their 4wds trying to get them out. We asked if they needed help but they declined.
Leaving them behind we made our way up onto White Hills Road and found a shady spot to pump up the tyres and after having a quick chat said good bye and headed home.
Thank you Pat and Donna for being tail end Charlie. And thank you to all those who came along. I had fun.

Brett and Julie

Brett Anderson (7)

Brett Anderson (8)

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