Ninghan Station

Trip Leader: Terry

When:  2nd – 4th June 2007

Location:  Ninghan Station, near Payne’s Find


Sunday June 3rd

All but Terry decided to have a sleep-in on a cold but fine and clear Sunday morning. 
At one with nature, Terry enjoyed the morning sitting next to a warm camp fire watching the sun make first light across the red surface of the nearby hill !!
Eventually, when the rest of us hatched from our cosy beds, we soon had the hot plates sizzling with the traditional Sunday cooked breakfast.

At 10:30 we headed out for a tour of the 500,000 acre property. The excuse was, that we had to charge our vehicle’s batteries, but when it boils down to it, we’re a four wheel drive club and we just wanted to play. 
We headed south from the camp skirting the hillside and traversing the mostly dry track which had suffered recent heavy washes. The washed out tracks eventually became hard with sharp rocks as we began to climb a hill. Delicately navigating our way up the hill avoiding as many sharp protrusions as possible, we eventually reached the summit. We had morning tea at the top overlooking a wide expanse of salt lake and surrounding country side. 
The view was magnificent.

After we had recharged are own batteries, we headed down the other side of the hill. Terry’s sensible suggestion of deflating our tyres before proceeding proved valuable as the ride over the sharp rocks felt a lot less intrusive on the tyres.

Terry was following a map on his laptop through Oziexplorer, but soon realised that the track indicated on the map no longer existed. So we followed him on his exploration of unknown terry-tory. 
It was eventually decided that we should turn around as we didn’t want to end up at New Norcia again…so we retraced our steps back to camp, bypassing the hill climb.

A late lunch was had back at camp at about 2pm. After which Wendy and Guy took their turn at baking a damper. 
This was  Wendy’s first attempt at making damper which was cheese and oregano flavour. 
The end result had Terry very worried about losing the damper king title.

A few of the guys decided to try a spot of  4WD mountain climbing and headed off in two cars for a nearby track that rose at a steep angle, up a hill, close to the homestead. They reported that the vehicles would have had trouble negotiating the hill if the track wasn’t as firm as it was.

In the mean time, Martin decided to have his turn at making a damper as his contribution to happy hour. Although happy hour wasn’t really established on this trip. Drinks and food were had when ever anybody felt like it, which was most of the time.

Another perfect day ended with everyone sitting around a roaring camp fire. The abundance of dead timber around the area made for a camp fire to die for. 
Late in the night, with the efforts of Terry, Martin and Guy a large dead tree trunk was added to the fire in a way that a heavy branch extending from the trunk stood up in the air. Bets were taken as to how long the branch would survive standing up until the fire got the better of it. 
Guestimations went between 20 minutes and an hour. Paul eventually winning the bet at 30 minutes.
How else should you spend your time?
A great weekend.


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