Piston Broke Awards… A snippet of Club history.

Presented by Tony Weldon. September  Meeting 2018

Tony and Stella are Life Members with a 28yr membership. 

“This Club for generations had two major awards, the Ian Lockhart award, named after       our founder and first president and, since 1989, the Piston Broke award.

The latter has been awarded to the person or persons who have most comprehensively stuffed up and/or caused the greatest amusement for other Club members on a Club run or event.

Classic examples of this…with no names mentioned…occurred when:-

Tail End Charlie lost the convoy                                                                                                          A Pajero was driven into a lake on a night navigation run.                                          Attempted to drive up a sand dune… with the handbrake on..!                                            Bogged three times on one run.                                                                                                      Trip leader forgot to go on a run he was organising.                                                                    After changing a wheel, didn’t tighten the wheel nuts properly and the wheel fell off just outside Kalumburu.                                                                                                                        While driving without due care and attention,  drove gently into the back of his parent’s stopped caravan. He graduated to ‘Training Officer’…………. eventually.                                    After unlocking the manual hubs and getting out of 4WD mode in the Troopcarrier, was bogged in the sandy car park at Leschenault Peninsula (me).                                                        Members went to the wrong meeting venue. The Club had relocated to new rooms.            Another was so keen to go on the Club run… she waited for the convoy at the destination, not the starting point.!! As there was no bakery at the destination, she should have realised it couldn’t have been a Mitsi start.!!                                                                                      For his colourful attire especially socks which required sun glasses to view.                          Driving on a loop road and did not recognise the convoy he was leading when he met them coming the other way.!!!                                                                                                              Chased by a camel on the CSR.                                                                                                      Trip Leader chose Paynes Find to refuel which took so long to pump fuel for 11 vehicles the other 10 drivers had showers while each one refilled.                                                                Took members on tracks that appeared on his OziExplorer and no one else’s.                        He bogged his 4WD in a car park… the one right in front of the Subaru Club.!                                      The whole supper crew when they served up the muffins/ quiches they found in the kitchen.  Bought in for the Manning Seniors Morning Tea the next day.                                  Became stuck on the crest…of a mound of council mulch..!                                                        For impressive sawing of firewood. Smoking before it even got to the fire..!                          The chain was installed back to front. Not cutting the wood…wearing  it away.! 

And I regret to say our Club has failed to uphold the honour of this award.                            In fact, you the members have failed too..!                                                                                        How many of you have tried as hard as these to bring such enjoyment and laughter to the Club on a run or event?                                                                                                                 There is only one I can think of who has succeeded magnificently – Sir Patrick!                  Pat has won so very many Piston Broke Awards.                     

So what have the rest of you been doing.?                                                                                          You must now strive to wrest this  honour from Pat.!!!                                                                 But with even greater disappointment I have to say that some of the more recent committees have also failed miserably.!!  The Piston Broke Award is now just a piece of paper.    Ok … It is framed.!

When Stella and I joined the Club in 1990, the award was ‘significant’ and, to encourage the committee to bring the award up to the old standard, I am lending to the Club to copy this historical, and slightly hysterical, original Piston Broke Award presented to me!          As you can see, this is a genuine piston  mounted on a polished wooden plinth with an engraved inscription. Other awards have had pistons with holes in them, distorted through heat or other damage and have come from lawnmowers, outboard motors, motorcycles, Fords and Toyotas.

A challenge: “Could I ask the committee to ensure that future Piston Broke Awards are brought up to the standard shown here before you.?”

COMMENT : By Editors Assistant.

                             I’m not so sure of the limiting to above specifications for the Award.                            The recipient of this one below was quite chuffed with his paper award.

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