Sand Training Theory and Practical









Leader: Murray Baskerville

His Offsider: Paul Ryan

Sand Driving Theory  10th April, 2019


Muzz in teacher mode..scratching his head..?

Just making sure he’s giving the facts

Numbers were about  17 people who attended the 4wd theory night at the Manning Clubhouse.


We discussed 4wd gear, vehicle recovery points, snatch strap recovery techniques,  safe procedures and practices.


Sand Practical Day:        Saturday the 13th of April.

This was followed up by the 4wd sand practical day at Wilbinga Grove.

A  revision  first of snatch strap recovery theory.    Followed by everyone taking turns to get bogged and  be  recovered.

 Discussed and used MaxTrax  before taking a break for lunch.

Afterwards we played nearby on more  bare white sand hills.

The sand hills being pretty soft and boggy were  perfect for tire pressure demonstrations.


By letting  some more pressure out of our tires . no one had any problems getting to
the top of the hill.

Some of the more inexperienced  were surprised to see the difference tire pressure made on the ease of driving up a sand hill.

The play on the sand hills also gave  the chance to use the settings that are different from one make of car to another.

Very satisfying day for both trainers their “students”

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