Trip 240 Mangowine Concert, Nungarin

EVENT TYPE: General Club Trips
DATE: 29 Sep 2017 to 01 Oct 2017
DURATION: 2 Nights

Friday 29th September we headed towards Nungarin to the Mangowine Home stead
Several of us met at the Shell Garage on the TOODJAY TO GooMALLING Rd.
We travelled in convoy to Dowerin where we stopped at their delightful Bakery for lunch.
Jan and Roger caught up with and we all proceeded to the Station.
Guy and Wendy where already there set and waiting for us to arrive.
The rest of our group of 19 arrived in drips and drabs just in time for all to head for the Sportsman’s Club in Nungarin to the Casserole Night which was excellent value at$15 per head with proceeds going to the St Johns Ambulance.
Saturday Morning, as most of us have been to this venue multiple times we split into several groups doing our own thing.
Some went with Gary A, our co trip leader for a look at Billy Catting Rock, some went on a walking tour of the Old Home Stead Surroundings and across the road to check out some Old grave sites.
Others just rested up getting their supplies ready for the Grand Final to start.
After a few attempts we warmed the set and cooled the tinnies, setting up under Guy and Wendy’s awning.
A good game, good food, and good company.
The evening started early with our group setting up chairs in a good posie. Several opted for the VIP deal getting seating with their excellent meal.
The rest of us made do with a hot Curry and Rice and Hamburgers, all be it we had to wait a while as the micro waves could not handle the volume.
The weather was kind and the music was enjoyable with crowd bopping to the beat. Who doesn’t like the Beach Boys and the Beatles.
Sunday Morning we packed up fairly early to head for Nungarin for the Wheat Belt Markets.
Lots of Crafts plants and second hand goods and very nice cakes for Sale.
We thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and hope everyone else did.
Rick and Nancy Ellis are running the trip next year, so put your name down and don’t miss out.

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