Trees Adventure comes to Lane Poole Reserve

Lane Poole Flying Fox

Trees Adventure Lane Poole Park opens on Sunday 20 December 2015 with a special 20 per cent entry discount!

Soar through the treetops on flying foxes and take on a series of challenges high in the trees. Trees Adventure is an exhilarating experience whether you’re four or 74, with courses ranging from easy to adrenalin-pumping!

Trees Adventure Lane Poole Park is located 100km from Perth, in Lane Poole Reserve near Dwellingup. With more than 80 challenges and a kilometre of flying foxes, the courses are built in the beautiful pine and jarrah trees near Nanga Mill campground.

Bookings for two hour sessions are essential.

Check out the video and all information at Trees Adventure Lane Poole Park.

Extract from:  Touring Western Australia  ….Dept Parks and Wildlife

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