Waroona – Ozi Explorer Training

Trip Leader:  Michael Gilbert

When:  26th June 2011

Location: Waroona WA 6215

Participants: Michael and Marion Gilbert, Bruce & Judy Brinkley, Malcolm Harrison, Martin and Karen Archer, Rick and Nancy Ellis.  Visitor: Peter Cole.

 On a fine Sunday morning we all met at a parking area just north of Waroona at 8.45am. The purpose of the day was to put into practice what we had learnt at the OziExplorer theory night held recently. Besides, it was a good opportunity to drive through some of our magnificent bushland.
Participants for the day were, Bruce and Judy Brinkley, Malcolm Harrison, Martin and Karen Archer, Rick and Nancy Ellis (Who did trip notes despite NOT being last at the meeting point), Visitor Peter Cole and our trip leaders Michael and Marion Gilbert.

We had all been given track files and waypoint files previously which we had already loaded for the days journey.
Before we headed off Michael ensured that we were all were equipped with adequate navigation equipment (and able to use it) and completed the usually pre trip formalities.

One reason for meeting at this location was that Michael had discovered that there was a Geocache at the site. There was a quiz for the day, and extra points were awarded to anyone who found any of 3 Geocaches that we were to search for on the day.
Not really sure what we were looking for, but a good attempt was made to find it… without success.

Next stop was Waroona dam where 2 more Geocaches were apparently hidden.
It was not long before Martin’s policing skills proved useful and he discovered the small tin hidden at the base of a post on the picnic shelter. All   of us then off to the other side of the dam wall in search of the other geo  and you guessed it, Martin found that one also, hidden at the base of a tree under leaves and sticks etc.  Martin had now already accumulated enough bonus points to win the quiz even if he didn’t answer any questions correctly!!
Well done Martin. Especially since others had already searched the base of the tree and not seen it. Aah… Forensics?

It was almost depressing to see how low the water levels in the dam were. Just a puddle in the bottom was a stark reminder of just how dire our water levels really are. As we made our way off towards the Lane Poole reserve area, we stopped for mornos just before heading into the first track.

After mornos, Michael sent us off one at a time to navigate the track to the next given waypoint. A task that all completed with ease. It was a most enjoyable day, with some fantastic scenery as we followed the river. There had been some rain during the week so there was a reasonable amount of water on the tracks, though not enough to cause us any problems or delays.

We arrived at a pre determined site for lunch (identified by a waypoint of course) where the small group enjoyed each others company and discussed the events of the day amongst other things.

After lunch we made our way towards Logue Brook Dam which was to be our last stop before reaching the bitumen. From here there was an optional hill climb not far away for those who wished to participate. After a most enjoyable day, the majority vote was to ‘pass’ on the hill climb and head for home as there was still a fair drive back to Perth. So while the tyres were being pumped up we marked the quiz and prizes were awarded.

Malcolm and Michael were to make their way to the proposed hill climb for a bit of fun.

A big thank you to Michael for the amount of time and effort that must have gone in to preparing the trip, and for willingly sharing his knowledge of OziExplorer with us.
Thanks also to his very capable copilot Marion.

Rick Ellis

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