West Swan to Muchea

Trip Leader: Jason & Jane

When: 26th October 2008

Location: Muchea Area

Participants: 15 cars

16 drivers left Gingers Roadhouse in 15 cars. This was due to Matt Shipton having to leave his faulty vehicle at the Road House. So at 9.30am, with Sam and Pasc as Tail End Charlie, we headed north on the Great Northern Highway. Matt found himself quite at home being chauffeur driven in the rear seat of Keith’s car.
After a short drive up the highway, the group headed West, eventually arriving at the rear of the Gnangara Pine Plantation. With tyres deflated, we proceeded along the limestone and sand tracks for about 10 kms before stopping for morno’s. Matt was orphaned by Keith at this point, but was soon adopted by a new family who took him on the next leg of the trip.
With morning tea out of the way, the group re-commenced along the tracks of the pine plantation, encountering rubbish, old vehicle wrecks, and a few water filled tyre ruts in the track. Sam, concerned about his vehicle getting scratched, decided to use an alternative track to the rest of the group. After another 10kms or so, we headed East onto the start of the boggy white sand hills. With the sun starting to warm up, we found a large section of shade on the track, and decided to take an early lunch.
After lunch we continued on for a little while, before stopping at an unsealed track called McKinley Road. The track has a large hill to ascend and descend. Once everyone had a play going up and over the hill, it was time to turn around and tackle it again from the other direction.
Most vehicles had little or no trouble getting back up, apart from the odd one or two who needed a couple of warm up runs first. The cameras came out, and the paparazzi jostled for the best photo opportunities. Stamps then showed us what power can do and ascended up the hill with all the grunt of the V8 diesel.
The group took off again after an hour of hill climbing, and continued along our original course with a lot more soft sand and sharp boggy corners. 
We eventually arrived at the end of the track and back onto the bitumen where tyres were pumped back up. Paul suggested a final stop at “Mondo Nougat” just south of Ginger’s Roadhouse for refreshments to round off the day before heading home.
This was the first trip that we have led, and it was great to see the members supporting us. A special thanks to Bob and Michael, and Matt Shipton who took countless photos during the trip.
Jason & Jane

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