Trip 75 – White Hills to Myalup Beach

Trip Leaders; Brett and Julie Anderson

We all gathered at the Miami Bake House to feast on pies and cakes and coffee while we waited for the prestart talk, group photo and fresh custard tarts.

Then we travelled along the Old Coast Rd and turned right onto White Hills Rd.

Just before the beach we aired down. After reports from other 4WDrivers that the beach was soft, we decided to deflate to 12psi. Others in the group went down to only 15 psi.. but on the day nobody was bogged on the beach.

While we travelled to the beach, my navigator held a mini quiz that proved that we have some smart people in this club.

The beach had been cut away with the waves but we were able to drive close to the dunes for most of the run to Preston Beach.

We came across a section of beach that had been completely washed away so a little detour through the dunes quickly got us back onto the beach. We stopped at a wide section for morning tea.

After morno’s we travelled back to the dunes to look at an abandoned 4WD that had been uncovered by the waves.
We were informed that a young 4WDer had had an unfortunate accident.
A little reminder that things can go wrong very quickly! This created a sombre mood so we pressed on to Preston Beach for lunch.

I soon ran out of track and after trying to reverse and sliding down the slight incline, I decided to drive down the incline while turning hard right.
Yes dear.. your left hand grasping the door handle! and your right hand grasping my left leg! eyes closed! both deep in prayer !!

We descended.

The rest of the convoy proceeded to a alternative pass… backed up and ran along the beach next to the water.

We got to lunch with no other problems.

After lunch some of the convoy returned to Perth while the rest of us pushed on to Myalup Beach.

This section was wide with no washaways. Strange what a difference only 2 km makes. The sand was soft here too, but nice and wide, and very little traffic to contend with.

Just 90 minutes later we arrived at Myalup Beach, pulled into the car park, re-inflated our tires, said our goodbyes, and headed back to Perth.

I wish to thank Pat for his help for this trip and all who came with us. You made my job as Trip Leader easy.

Brett and Julie Anderson

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