Wilbinga Beach

Trip Leader: Paul, Louise, Matt & Sam

Tail-end Charlie – Richard & Helen
When:  10th December 2006

Location:  Wilbinga Beach

Participants:  21 Cars Members and Visitors ( Peter, Denise, Rick & Ann, Bob & Bridget, Diana, Duncan & Frith, Martin & Karen, Trevor, Rachel, Lewis and Jaime, Paul, Carol, Jason & Rikky, Pat, Teresa & Kids, John & Amanda, Gerard, Neil, George & Yvonne, Peter & Annabel, Piers, Lester, Cameron & Christian, Richard & Helen, Colin, Damien, John & Sue, Paul, Louise, Matt & Sam, Wes & Jayden and of course, John & Viv.)

Having only decided the night before to attend the 4wd day trip, John and I were a little disorganized.
We had to stop frequently on route to the meeting point for; diesel, food, breakfast and somewhere that would give us a packed lunch at 8.00 am on a Sunday morning (where else but Macca’s).  Needless to say we were late, unfortunately no amount of apologising got us out of doing the trip notes!!
The treacherous days events were about to unfold to the unsuspecting 4WD enthusiasts ………….. 
The scheduled meeting point for the trip was the ‘10th Light Horse Heritage Trail’ just north of Yanchep.  Upon our arrival it could be seen that there was a great turnout for the trip, from both members and visitors (21 cars in all) nearly one of the largest convoys in the Mitsubishi Club history. 
Paul was trip leader for the day and took the time to explain convoy procedures for the benefit of the visitors. 
The convoy departed onto Wanneroo Road around 9.50am, with a near perfect radio check, heading north towards our destination – Wilbinga Beach.  There was pleasant mild banter on the 2-way between the members as we set off and about 20 minutes into the trip Paul asked that everybody pull over to the shoulder of the road, as a car accident had just occurred before their eyes.  Very quickly Diana asked whether medical assistance was needed.  She went into action assisting the drivers of the vehicles (4WD and Truck) that were in a head on collision.  
A medical team made up of Diana and Peter were of great assistance on the accident scene. 
Martin and Paul took control of traffic and clearing the wreckage from the road, so that traffic could pass safely.
After about 20 minutes, it was decided that Trevor would lead the 4WD convoy  to the turnoff for Wilbinga, leaving Paul and Diana and a few others at the scene of the accident, until the ambulance and emergency vehicles arrived. 
We stopped for morning tea (morno’s) around 10.30 and to wait for the remainder of the convoy to regroup.    Morno’s gave us the opportunity to meet some of the visitors, and for the guys to grunt about each others 4WD’s and for others to speculate about what happened in the accident.  I heard lots of different versions and I guess I will hear many more around the camp fires on future camping trips.
The rest of the group returned, and after tyres were let down we set off for Wilbinga beach at about 11.20am  trying to shake off the mornings events and wishing for a fun, safe 4WD day ahead of us.  
 Which was exactly what was enjoyed by all ……
The trip to the beach involved some small hill climbs, sufficient space was left between vehicles so that we didn’t cause our own little accidents.  John & Sue got stuck on a couple of occasions, and over the airways we heard that “a short man with a long shovel was hard at work getting his car unbogged”, then John almost lost his keys which were safely placed in his pocket at the time.  In John’s defence he said “that he was attempting to bunch up the group a little” and that was the reason for his delay.  – Good try John.  
After about an hour of playing following the off road leader we were at the beach for Lunch.  I’m sure all the kids at this stage yelled Yeah!!!  This was the fun part of the day for them, most of the kids headed for the water, awnings were set up and food was prepared.  The time at the beach gave everybody a chance to relax, swim, talk amongst friends, read, sun bake, play cricket, build sand castles, and a little beach 4WDing for those who were interested.   We spent a lovely three hours at the beach then decided it was time to do some serious hill climbs and 4WD challenges for those who were interested.
The first challenge was a sandy hill climb, the track on the left was mild whilst the track on the right held more of a challenge.  A few successfully accomplished the left hand track with relative ease, but when the question was asked if anybody wanted to attempt the track on the right –  there was radio silence until Stamps piped up that he was willing to give it a go.  After the chicken in the passenger seat (Viv) exited the vehicle, Duncan eagerly took my seat in the cockpit.  With low range engage John lined himself up, with his foot flat to the floor he hammered up the hill at full revs, and made it up the hill with ease.  Other members witnessed his ease and decided to give it a go. Before others could make their way up, a recovery was required to snatch out John H’s Pajero that was on top of the hill.  
After a successful recovery, Damien in the Jackaroo attempted the right hand track, who after a few attempts made it up the hill. Followed by a very eager Trevor with his newly fitted 33” tyres, who took a slower attempt didn’t quite make it the first time, but with his second attempt he floored it and nearly took flight up the hill.  Another attempt at the climb was made by Pat in the Pajero, who easily made the climb.
At about 3.50pm Wes needed to leave the group because of a previous engagement and Colin, Damien, John & Sue, Bob & Bridgett and Peter decided to take his lead and leave with him. 
The remainder of the group (some 15 cars) headed in a Northerly direction towards further sand dunes that could be enjoyed.   The next challenge was a very high sand dune, several of the lead cars attempted the climb and made it part way up, it appeared from our position in the convoy that Pat driving the Pajero was the first to make it all the way up and over the dune, who proudly did a victory lap on top of the dune.  
Then many followed…..
The dune was as good a place to stop for arvo’s – where we could have a drink, a chat and eat some ice cream.  Those who were interested in attempting the dune again had the opportunity to do so, and provided us with extra entertainment. 
We set off on our trip home around 4.50pm, with a radio check of 15 cars (still).  It was refreshing to know that we hadn’t lost anybody at this late stage, as we were all tired and ready to go home.  We stopped about 30 minutes later to re-inflate tyres, and said our final good byes and gave our best wishes for Christmas. 
Thank you Paul and Louise for organising a lovely day out at Wilbinga Beach – a fantastic time was enjoyed by all that came along.
John S. and Viv

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