Wilbinga Tracks

Trip Leader: Michael Gilbert

When:  1st May 2011

Location: Wilbinga WA

Participants: Paul Johnson, John Holbrook, David Igglesden, Troy Shortland, Michael Gilbert

With a beautiful day expected we all met at the 10th Light Horse car park. After a quick briefing on convoy procedures and other formalities Five vehicles including a visitor John in a shiny new Nissan Patrol set off just after 9am. Wilbinga is quite close and soon enough we were airing down under the pine trees.

After a 20 minute journey down the track we came across our first dunes and practised for a while on these baby dunes. Moving on we were greeted by the beautiful view of the ocean. With only a very light easterly breeze the sea was calm, with some decent waves breaking near the shore. We stopped for morno’s enjoying the ocean view and fresh smell of the sea. Now onto the bigger dunes lead by Michael who had pre-plotted our route carefully. One track up a dune steep dune turned sharply at the top and proved no issue for the Patrol with the two John’s (our visitors) at the wheel. One Pajero wasn’t so eager to climb the hill and after several attempts that really should have been successful it was tactfully suggested to ensure the ASC was turned off. The Paj drivers name…..shall remain classified (a benefit of writing the trip notes)     In my defence the ASC is disengaged in some 4wd modes and not others….doh!

Onto another interesting hill that Michael had surveyed. This one proved a little challenging and managed to bend a numberplate or two at the base  and which required a bit of speed and clearance to climb. Lunch was consumed on a dune overlooking the area in warm but pleasant conditions. Troy and Keryn’s awning off the side of their Paj proved an excellent shade producer which we all fought over!

After a quick lunch we moved on to a wider section of dunes that we all enjoyed. Once again Mr Gilbert was able to illicit a chorus of incredulous shouts “you don’t expect us to go up that!” yet after a little discussion and drive through we all managed to succeed.

A great day was had by all and we finished up with a well earned pint at the Thirsty Camel where we viewed some pictures of the day!

Paul Johnson

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