Trip Leader: Michael Gilbert

Location: Wilbinga

We all congregated at the 10th Light Horse rendezvous on Wanneroo Road at 8:45am. The trip began with our leader Michael’s instruction regarding the days events. Margaret volunteered as photographer and Craig was nominated Tail End Charlie.  Thirteen of us in all set off in convoy, mostly Pajeros and Tritons with a Toyota Prado, Craig’s Nissan Patrol and my Land Rover Discovery, the only odd ones out.
Weather conditions were overcast with the odd sprinkle of rain.  We drove for about half an hour and eventually left the black top, onto a dirt road where we collected to air down the tyres. 12lbs is pretty low but made a huge difference to the places we could go.  Troy explains, “Its the additional length of tyre that is in contact with the ground. Not just the width of the tyre”
Michael allocated club members to the inexperienced and we set off for the first obstacle. The hills were in parts challenging with some of the ruts bottoming out the suspension and generally shaking up the occupants and contents. Robs canopy storage area will need to be repacked for sure.
Mornos were consumed around 11:30.  It was there that I received directions from our trip leader that I had ‘volunteered’ to prepare the trip notes. 
Many tracks were passes of varying difficulties as we followed our leader.  We eventually ended in a wide Sand Bowl where we were challenged to drive up.  All were successful in the challenge although the sand was very soft in parts.
We then drove down to the beach for lunch.  A couple of passing cars were going too fast for comfort, one nearly coming to grief just past our group as his front wheel dug in to the soft sand and nearly rolled the car.
After finishing lunch we left the beach and after more track challenges, Troy left the group to meet his work commitments.
The rest of us headed toward One Tree Hill. Only Craig in his Nissan was brave enough to try these impossible hill climbs and was beaten by the heavy ruts created by many unsuccessful past attempts.
A group of youngsters in a Toyota (not with our group) also tried the hills a couple of times unsuccessfully and then decided to make their own track around the side of the hill. This inconsiderate and environmentally unfriendly act was pointed out to them by Craig on their return only to be met with an alcohol fuelled belligerent response.  It was pointed out to them our permission to enter this area is governed by the Shire and abuse of the area could see it closed to the Public.  In the end the youngsters moved on.  Let’s hope that common sense helps them decide where to go next time.
Soon after this we ended the day and headed home.  Our last stop was to put air back in our tyres and say a few thanks and farewells.  Thanks to our trip leader Michael Gilbert for organizing a great day.  We are looking for the next trip in the sand.
Peter and Margaret Knox

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