Trip Leader:  Diana & Frith

When:  30th April 2006

Location:  Yarloop

Well Diana actually had a Sunday off so decided to lead a last minute down at Yarloop. Meeting place – a closed down service station so no early morning coffee (except for those who brought their own) and no loo – head to the bush.  Diana confessed to having found the address in the phone book.  
True to form, Diana was the last member to arrive and was immediately at great pains to advise that she was not last as her next door neighbours Sue and Ric were still coming – this does not auger well for them arriving after Diana. Finally they arrived and 5 vehicles were ready to roll.  Helen and Richard, with friends Lance and Denise, Paul, George and Linda, Diana and Frith, Ric and Sue with friends Brian and Jane.
Who was doing trip notes? –  well everyone was finding every excuse in the book not to do them – so how I managed to score them when we arrived in the middle I do not know, but here goes.
The trip began with much banter about the Kingston’s waiting at the wrong Servo –  at least that one had a loo – but how did Paul find out – was he at the wrong Servo too? (editors note: he went to get some milk) Or should the wrong Servo been the right Servo?  We would probably all have finished up there if the first lot had stayed put.
We travelled south for a bit then turned into Dix road and up the escarpment where there were some magnificent views, then down the powerline track and onto the night-Nav course that Diana had done earlier.  Eventually we came to ‘Wes Hill’ which we realised was going to be a challenge. For a while we thought it may change to ‘George Hill’ but fortunately he managed to get his wheels on the ground and eventually get up the hill, so Wes you can still claim the fame.  Morno’s was held at a clearing in the forest where conversation turned to state of dress on holidays, how often one should change their jocks – or if indeed you should wear them.  All because Brian and Jane had a U-beaut washing machine for their caravan trip around the great Aus.
The trip continued with Diana and Paul discussing which way they were going and the rest following with blind faith.  The tracks got narrower and one comment was they it was more like a footpath – until we reached an even smaller track   Diana headed off down one track then decided that we couldn’t get through so Paul lead off in the other direction.  George tried to get stuck in another deep rut but Paul managed to guide him through safely.  Further along Paul was well ahead when Ric and Sue asked which direction to take at a junction – Paul’s direction straight ahead, the only problem was that it was a Y junction.  
We then travelled up a track covered with fallen small trees and branches – it was reasonably easy to get up but also very different. At the top we realised we were on one of the major tracks we had come down earlier.  How did we manage to do the loop.  Well this could be because the leader, Diana, was travelling in position 4 – or perhaps it was that the navigator, Frith, was fast asleep.  By this time it was getting late and tummies were rumbling so we found a track off the main one, the only flat ground around where we could stop and have lunch.
After a good time of eating and chatting, but as you know everything said on the track stays on the track. We decided it was rather late so headed out of the bush and back to Waroona were some stopped for coffees and ice creams, then we all headed for home.  There were many tracks left unexplored and all thought it would make a great weekender from Logue Brook Dam –any takers?
All in all it was a great day – thanks Diana and Paul for a great trip.  Sleep well Frith.

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