Monthly Archives: June 2005

Sawyers Valley

Trip Leader:  John Mc (Macca)

Tail-end Charlie - John S (Stamp)

When:  Sunday 5th June 2005

Location: Sawyers Valley

Participants: 5 vehicles.

Much to the relief of Macca (John "M"), 5 vehicles showed up for the day trip through Sawyers Valley. He originally had 7 interested parties, however due to various reason a few members pulled out at the last...
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Ninghan Station

Trip Leader:  The Terry's

When:  Saturday 4th June-6th June 2005

Location:   Ninghan Station

Participants: Many

All have gathered by now at Dalwallinu Caravan Park after arriving at different times the previous night. Last ones in were the Ellis’ at around 10pm. The morning topic of conversation was how much sleep we all got. It appears that not many of...
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