Monthly Archives: June 2010

Steep Point WA

Trip Leader:  Chris and Jan Smith

When: 26 June to 2nd July 2010

Location: Steep Point WA     Westernmost Point of Mainland Australia

Participants: Chris, Jan, Terry, Teresa, Liam, Kelly, Bruce & Jude

Saturday 26th June 2010
Terry, Teresa, Liam & Kelly in one...
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Ninghan Station 2010

Trip Leader: Paul & Matt

When: 4th - 7th June 2010

Location: Ninghan Station

Participants: Richard King, Keith Parker, Helen and Richard Kingston, Sam and Pasc Vasile, Paul and Matt, Viv and John 'Stamps' Stampalija, Trish and Malcolm Harrison, Nancy, Rick and Blake Ellis, Glenn Bignell, Tony and Stella Weldon, Bruce and Judith Brinkley, Piers Marmoy, Martin and Karen Archer.

Friday morning... a normal start, a grouping, a check off and we're off.
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