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Easter at York

Trip Leader: John & Rosalie King

When: 21st to 26th April 2011

Location: York WA

Participants: Within the trip notes.

 Thursday 21. John and I set off and met up with Peter and Denise at the Lakes roadhouse. We arrived at the Caravan park in York where the owners, Elizabeth and Mick, made us welcome. Sam and Pasc Vasile were already well set up in the...
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Murchison (Off Road Adventure)

Trip Leader: Guy and Wendy Lehmann

When: 21st April 2011

Location:   Murchison WA


Thursday morning six vehicles met at Muchea and headed off to the Murchison Offroad Adventure Park at 8.30am.

We planned to stop and Eneabba for morno’s, but Martin and Karen’s daughter was on the bus heading down from Geraldton and we happened to come across the bus at...
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Lancelin Dunes and Tracks

Trip Leader: Pat O'Dowd

When: 10th April, 2011

Location: Lancelin  W. A. 6044

A glorious blue day was the perfect backdrop to what would prove to be a fun day on the dunes and tracks.

Getting out of our vehicles to let the tyres down we were greeted with a rather strong easterly wind that whipped the sand up in our...
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