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Fonty’s Pool

DATES: 26 December 2012 to 5 January 2013

TRIP LEADERS: Guy & Wendy Lehmann

Location: Manjimu

CAMPERS:  Peter & Denise Belcher, Richard & Helen Kingston, John & Rosalie King, Martin & Karen Archer, Bridget & Bob McPherson, Malcolm & Trish Harrison, Keith Parker, Glen Bignell,  Rodger & Jan Freeguard and Bruce & Judy Brinkley

We were allocated the "overflow" area adjacent to the campers kitchen.  This was big enough to accommodate around 12 campers.  The area was all grassed with some trees and we had access...
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Trip Leader: Michael Gilbert

When: 16th December 2012

Location: Lancelin WA 6044

Participants: Carl Burgess, Nick & Marco D'Andrilli, Peter & Deearne Fisher, Mark Heard & Emma , Barbara & Ellen, Rick & Debra Marshall, Paul Minchinton & Julie, Talija, Sharli, Izzy & Maddi, Michael Tingey & Mel, James & Bronwyn Woolcock, Rick Lazar, Chelsea & Maddi, Piers Marmoy, Peter Knox, Peter & Tanya Nicol & Jamie-Lee & Ashley, George Margaron?Marc, Sebastian & Selena, Marion Gilbert.

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