Monthly Archives: May 2013

Warriedar Station

Trip Leader: Bruce Brinkley

When: Foundation Day Weekend, Friday May 31 to Monday June 3rd  2013

Location: Warriedar Station, Yalgoo Shire. W.A.

Participants: Guy & Wendy Lehmann, Trevor and Elaine Best,  Rick & Nancy Ellis, Craig Perry,  Keith Parker, Martin & Karen Archer, Grandchildren Lochie & Alexis, Richard King, Michael and Marion Gilbert, Bob and Bridget McPherson, Richard and Helen Kingston, Bruce & Judith Brinkley, Grandchildren Kane and Gemma.

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Trip Leader: Stephen Kalynuik;    Co-Trip Leader:  Bruce Brinkley

When: 19/05/2013

Location: Wungong WA 6112

Participants:  John &  Sue  Bromberger,  Tony Farrugia, Michael Gilbert, Bob &  Bridgette McPherson,  Keith Parker,  Murray Hudson,   Libby Simpson,  Peter Johnston,  John Kelly,  Steve Pike, Kim & Gail Graieg,  Colin  & Maria Orr, Tony &  Stella Weldon,   Judith &  Bruce Brinkley, Stephen Kalyniuk  John Harding (DEC)

Stephen kicked off his first Environment Day with support from everyone...
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