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Wilbinga Shacks Cleanup

Trip Leader:        Bruce Brinkley
Co-Trip Leader:  Murray Hudson

When: 24th November, 2013

Location: Wilbinga,  WA 6041

Participants:  Flora Munro, Tony Farrugia, Kim and Gail Graieg, Murray and Alison and children, Bruce and Judith Brinkle

Well prepared vehicle.
All systems ready....fuelled, mornos, water, sunscreen, rubbish picker-upperers, volunteer car magnets, orange bags, trailer arranged to be collected from one of the Visitors Day crew at their meet site.
On highway heading north....tow...
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Big Valley 2013

Trip Leader:   Martin and Karen Archer & Roger and Janice Freegard.

When:   12th - 18th November, 2013

Location:  Big Valley Campsite Rosa Glen

Participants:    53 Adults and 3 children

12th  - 15th  Saw the arrival of  the forward scouting party of  Belchers, Archers and Freegards at the Big Valley Camp Site.    This period prior to the arrival of the main group of members on the 16th was primarily to carry out some pre tripping of the proposed 4WD runs for Saturday.

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