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Trip notes by Sonja Franks
11 keen vehicles met at 09:00 at the Coffee Shop on Brookton Highway, Armadale, eager to learn just where this mystery trip will take us. The weather was clear and pleasant with a possible storm anticipated later in the day. Not that this forecast put a damper on the enthusiasm of all – after all, who believes in forecasts especially when it says “possible storm”? When our team leader, Peter Cole, finally arrived at 9:02 and the necessary housekeeping was out of the...
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Trip 109 – Mangowine Concert and Nungarin Harvest Festival

Mangowine Concert and Nungarin Harvest Festival. 2nd to 4th October 2015 Trip Notes (Rick Ellis) The trip was well attended by 15 members who camped at Mangowine Homestead over the weekend of the Nungarin Harvest Festival. The majority of the group arrived on Friday to find that the Belchers and Freegards were well established having been there since the Thursday. They had secured us a great spot on the property where we could all camp in close proximity to each other, yet still have plenty of room around us. About half the group went into...
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Dirk Hartog Trip Notes

Harrison’s were on the island since Friday and, before anyone else arrived, had a sugar bag of rubbish collected from walking the full length of Withnell Bay and back.

Perth to Hamelin Pool Turn off is about 8 hours and a further hour and a half into Steep Point for the barge on Sunday. We’d been told years ago by other club members that at Steep Point you either get flies or strong winds.! A really strong Steep Point southerly blew all night…!

Asking “how did you sleep?” of the other...

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Yeagarup Dunes weekend (Trackcare Event)

20th to 22nd November 2015 If you wish to attend, please email Joy on Please advise the number of people and your vehicle registration number. The Yeagarup Dunes are in the D’Entrecasteaux National Park near Pemberton. They are the largest land locked dune system in the Southern Hemisphere and move inland at a rate of 4m per year. They are a major drawcard for four wheel drivers. The reason for this weekend is to support one of our members in Pemberton Discovery Tours who are organising a...
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