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McBeg Update

Just in from our Past Environment Officer Tony Weldon. Each of you receiving this email, and the second one, helped the Club’s work at Wungong Regional Park (McBEG) behind Byford when we were undertaking the restoration of the gravel pit and adjacent old crop duster’s airstrip. In October this year, the Club went up to Wungong for some more work and had a look at the two areas. Must admit I was stunned and had tears in...
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2018 Nambung Country Music Muster

Trip Leader: Peter Fry Destination:   Nambung Station    2269 Wongonderrah Road, CERVANTES, WA 6511 Date:  Thursday 25th October to 4pm Sunday 28th October 2018


New members Chris and Jenni joined Lyn and Peter Fry (Trip leader) and headed to Nambung Station 166Kms N-W of Perth for the four day Music Festival. This area has one bar to three bars of Telstra reception but mostly out of range of phone, and being inland from Cervantes . I suspect too many phones were vying for...

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Environmental Leeman November 2018 Tending the Tracks Alliance

Date:        4th November  2018 Site:          About 500m south of Leeman Green Head Track start. Environmental Day:     Organised by Tending the Tracks Alliance. Mitsubishi Club Members attending:    Bruce & Judith Brinkley A follow up weekend camp to stay at Milligan Island Eco Camping Ground and to work on completing the brushing of the old track blow out at south Leeman. The campsite is recommended. Another section of the coastal track Leeman in the north to Green Head in the south. Read more
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