Adding a little Zing to our Meetings

Like many clubs we have regular raffles at our monthly meetings with a number of worthwhile  prizes on offer which add even more fun to an already entertaining  night.

As the Club’s newly appointed ‘Raffle Queen’ I thought we could do something a little different for last month’s meeting. 

The Club’s group mapping lessons are kicking off and proving very successful, so I thought we’d splash out and buy a Samsung Galaxy Tablet to be a Members ONLY prize for the June meeting.

Wanting to add a little icing on the cake, we approached Des from Oziexplorer who kindly donated an Oziexplorer license..! Then with our Club’s Oziguru (Peter Cole) loading the program onto the device,  the June Members raffle prize had become a ….
Samsung Galaxy tablet loaded with a full Oziexplorer and running the latest club skin.
An awesome prize!!

To win.. members were given a bonus ticket with every $5 worth of regular, open to all,  tickets they purchased for the monthly multi prize raffle. $10 worth = 2 BONUS tickets and with about 60 members there on a night…that makes for very good odds.

Raffle helpers were definitely needed.
Peter and Kirsten were ‘volunteered’ to help me..!!!! and they were kept busy!

After the regular raffle with both visitors and members winning, the time came for the draw, with us all hoping  we’d have the winning number… and Murray H did have the lucky ticket.    Murray, a member of 8 years, actually didn’t have a properly functioning tablet… so it made a perfect win for him.

With such a positive response,  this Raffle Queen is now on the lookout for another awesome prize for July.

Members, if you have any good ideas,  please feel free to contact me at

A huge thanks to Des from OziExplorer for his support – He’s always been so very helpful to the members of our club and should any of you need a license or maps please check out the   OziExplorer website:

The raffle was a huge success which is a fantastic outcome.

Many of our members volunteer their time participating in environmental days,  clearing cotton bush,  assisting with track maintenance to keep certain tracks open for the SES, helping future proof the dunes north of Perth,  to name just a few, and I feel privileged to be part of a club that endeavours to reward and keep its members engaged at such fun,  social meetings.

Two trips and two meetings and of course liking what you see,  and you too can join this club.

Look forward to seeing you at our next meeting – Wednesday July 3rd 2019 – 7:30pm.  


Report by  Marie aka Raffle Queen.

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