Avon Valley Cookout 2019

Trip Leader:   Glenn Bignell
Date:                  21st June – 23rd June 2019
Gourmets Attending:    29 .. half the Club almost ?
CampSite:       Ces Barrows Campground,  Avon National Park



Interviewer:   “So..Mr Trip Leader what tracks in the Avon Valley National Park
                            did you take your convoy on for some 4WDing?”
Trip Leader:     “No four wheel driving.”
Interviewer:    ” So what special things did you see or do there?…where was it?”
“Ces Barrows Campground? Umm…Did you swim in the dam ? ”
“Come across that 3 legged cow reported in the area?”

Trip Leader:    “We ate.  Cooked and ate.”
Interviewer:    “Did anything happen out of the ordinary?”
Trip Leader:     “No”
Interviewer:     “But I heard on the news there was a torrential downfall.                                         Didn’t that put   a dampener on your damper ?”
Trip Leader:    ” You said   ‘anything out of the ordinary’ !!!”
Interviewer:   ” Well then… Okaaaayyyy.”
“What were the highlights of the weekend?”
Trip leader:     ” Cooking and eating.   Oh.. we did talk a bit.    Bit a’ laughing. ”
Interviewer:    “Hmmm…. So…. Do you think this is worth doing again?”
Trip Leader:   “This is our 4th year of doing nothing..! Yeah.
We’ll do it again next year..!”



Trip Report : Glenn Bignell

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